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Мой ГЕМ. Сейчас идет его полировка. Когда она завершиться, то не один похожий проект не сможет устоять перед его блеском и шиком.

Just Initial lands sale 2nd stage: over 60% claimed , success and it have good starting. so clear guide and rules.


Bought some Skybreach Land. Epic was sold out, just Rare and Common plots.

I'm very excited about Kanaria: Skybreach landsale. Bought Rare land with best Entropy and exchange my voucher for free land! Awesome!

Land Sale Skybreach soon...

Land Sale Skybreach soon...

Краткое содержание предыдущих серий… Аймастер (т.е. я) закрыл традиционный оффлайн бизнес связанный с виртуальной реальностью в конце 2020 года. После

Viacheslav Votchitsev

SKYBREACH Sale is still going on - Hurry!!!!

SKYBREACH Sale is still going on - Hurry!!!!

SKYBREACH Sale continues! There will be fantastic opportunities here! SkyBreach is the limit! detailed infogration on the official resources of the pr

The sale is on! Hurry up to get your land!

@SkybreachNFT is your opportunity to enter 2d pixel meta full of adventures and fun! Enjoy playing and building the future in which you'll be able to