xD Event + NFT Giveaway @ RMRK Gallery

xD Event + NFT Giveaway @ RMRK Gallery

Event date + time: 24 / 07 / 21 | 7 PM CET

xD’s art explores multiple worlds within one image, this might be a painting, a photograph or a combination of both. The focus of each series is drawn to underlying principles of our society, politics and existence, rather than development of craft.

When we are withdrawn from the main narrative of a story our perceptions of reality are defined by those who write it. At the same time these writers might not be able to see the value of the other worlds created within their story, as they have no wish to step inside them because their only intention is power and control.

On a personal level, we miss out on the beauty of present times due to the rapid flow of information which captures our attention and ultimately defines our (sub)conscious reality.

XyloDrone will conduct a social experiment this weekend by fracturing one of her pieces into NFTs, while the original painting will be left on the streets of London.


  • detachment from material belongings

  • xD wants to see if the lucky scavenger will share a cut of the profits - royalties (Bruno Skvorc wrote an article on this subject, blockchain focused, but the issue goes beyond technology, it is essentially a human problem)

“What if someone sells the piece and does not give you royalties?” It’s a free world, everyone can be a prick and get away with it. Maybe the next buyer won’t do that - maybe they will.

“What if it just disappears?” C’est La Vie.

In case someone in need of financial aid finds the artwork and sells it, no royalties will be taken, as the ultimate purpose of art is to help us live better lives.

Which painting? That’s up for you to decide. Vote on your favourite fragment via Twitter. Pool will be open until Thursday 11PM CET.

Meet xD in RMRK’s digital gallery for an introduction to this body of work + Q&A. The best question wins one of the fractured NFTs.

When will the fragments be minted? Just before the event.

Questions which won’t be answered:

  • how did you make this?
  • how long did it take you to make this?

Sounds good? Cool.

Event Breakdown:

6.45 PM Invitation send out 7.00 PM Presentation 7.30 PM Q&A 7.45 PM Networking 8.15 PM Wrap up


Spots limited to 30 guests. Sign up via this form and we’ll see you on Saturday.

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