Upgrading the Metaverse: Bit.Country + RMRK

Upgrading the Metaverse: Bit.Country + RMRK

RMRK is proud to announce a partnership with Bit.country through our Kanaria project and RMRK2.0 standards!

Kanaria is a fundraiser for the RMRK Association, which distributes unique NFT eggs that will hatch into unique and rare Kanaria birds (canaries) with special upgradable traits.

These birds are composable limited-edition NFTs (max 9999) that can evolve with the platforms around them, and offer permanent platform benefits to their holders, based on some traits they own. They also entitle their owners to a fairdrop of $RMRK tokens.

Bit.country, the metaverse chain which allows instanced metaworlds for individual projects which can then interact, has committed to support RMRK's standards for rendering and usage inside Bit.coutry, and RMRK is committed to building and maintaining our own Bit.country metaworld to really demonstrate the power of gamified nested NFTs.

PROMOTION Starting today, anyone who buys an egg through this link and participates in Bit Country's crowdloan later on will be able to claim a special NFT when RMRK2.0 standards go live on the Bit.country chain as part of the runtime.

Note that there can only be a maximum of ~6000 of these NFTs - matching the maximum number of hatchable birds that are still unsold at the time of publication of this announcement.

Don't wait! Get your birds now and join the NFT revolution!


What does this collaboration make possible?

  • by spreading the RMRK standards far and wide across the ecosystem (we also have integration commitments from Karura, Khala, Zeitgeist and Unique Network) we enable seamless transitions from chain to chain. An example is having a really excellent item in a specific Bit.country, but no marketplace. If Unique Network builds an incredible marketplace that has no rival, RMRK is here to make sure you can click "List for sale" on your Bit.country item, and it appears on Unique's marketplace. Our standards allow seamless teleporting of all NFT-based assets across all the chains in the Kusama and Polkadot ecosystem, abstracted away from normal users by excellent UX and UI. You will never know you're switching chains behind the scenes.
  • Bob can buy a plot of land in a Bit.country metaverse that is an NFT. Bob can also buy a 3D billboard on RMRK's Singular marketplace. Bob can then send the Billboard to the Land NFT, so the Land NFT owns the Billboard. Bob can issue the "EQUIP" command to the Land NFT, so the Billboard appears in the metaverse. Three corporations notice that the Billboard is in a popular location, and want to display ads there. They each mint an NFT that is the ad, and send it to the Billboard (not to Bob!). The Billboard now owns these ads, but does not equip them. Bob decides to create fungible tokens for governance over the Billboard, and sells them to the community. The community now decides the fate of the Billboard, and it's up to the corporations to bribe the token holders. This is community-governed virtual real-estate management.

The above is possible because RMRK's standards allow complex NFT integrations never before envisioned, bringing incredible advances to unexplored aspects of the parallel economy.

About RMRK

RMRK an association registered in Zug, Switzerland, spearheading the development of the RMRK protocol for creating highly composeable “art legos” using NFTs on Kusama natively using the system.remark extrinsic.

Among others, RMRK brings the following features to the NFT table:

  • emoting to NFTs on chain
  • custom burn messages
  • NFTs owning NFTs
  • NFTs that have conditional rendering (if this, show that)
  • NFTs that have slots for upgrades
  • NFTs that have multi-resources (i.e. contain both code for a game and high-res cover art)
  • NFTs that can be governed as DAOs

It thereby far exceeds what the current ERC721 standard and matching ERC1155 and their derivatives can do.

For this reason, RMRK launched its own set of standards and is rapidly expanding across the Kusama chain sisterhood into dapps, platforms, and chains launching in this ecosystem.

Note: for examples of what this composeability makes possible, see our deck or paper.

About Bit.country

Bit.Country enables everyone to start their own metaverse for their people with token economy and NFT, and takes community engagement to a new dimension on web3.0.

In each bit country, there is a local social token backed by the native token $NUUM, the local marketplace, and the local DAO that governs the community and makes decisions for issues such as the supply of assets.

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