Unique Network April Recap & What's Coming in May

Unique Network April Recap & What's Coming in May

Polkadot parachain win, Quartz x Karura, Unique Ambassadors & lots more!

What a month April was. So many exciting things happened for our platform and community, including the massive win of the 14th Polkadot auction, which will enable us to be a fully-functioning parachain on the next-generation blockchain. Read on to find out more about the last month and what’s ahead!

Unique Wins the 14th Parachain Auction on the Polkadot Network

We will soon fully deploy on slot #15 on Polkadot’s parachain network, with a 96 week lease. The Unique team would like to thank the nearly 5,000 crowdloan contributors who contributed 822,942 $DOT to our crowdloan through our leading channels, Gate.io, Equilibrium, Bifrost Finance, MEXC Global, Kraken Exchange, and Parallel Finance. The success of our Polkadot parachain win wouldn't be possible without you.

For in-depth details of rewards, MintFest results, and next steps regarding the UNQ token, please reference our wrap-up blog post.

Quartz Launches on Karura Swap

Karura Swap, an AMM-style decentralised exchange on Kusama, has joined forces with Unique Network to introduce its latest trading combo QTZ/aUSD and QTZ/KAR! The pairs went live on Bootstrap mode on 13th April, 2022 with trustless trading scheduled to go live following 168 hours of one-or two-sided bootstrap provisioning on Karura. You can continue to provide liquidity to both the pairs on the Karura App Check out the latest bootstrap details here. You can learn more about our work with Karura and Acala in this recording fr om when Unique CEO Alex Mitrovich joined their recent Community Call, as well as in our full blog post.

DigitalArt4Climate COP26 collection traveled to Seattle NFT Museum

In a very special IRL meeting of the Metaverse, the DigitalArt4Climate COP26 NFT collection traveled to the first-of-its-kind Seattle NFT museum on 16th April, wh ere various winning works from the competition and campaign were exhibited in physical form across screens. Read more about “The Climate Conversation” here and watch a video recap from NFT artist Anna Dart of Exquisite Workers.

Greg Zaitsev Spoke on Blockchain Sustainability at NFC Lisbon

Our CTO gave a detailed presentation at Non-Fungible Conference in Lisbon on sustainability in NFTs and how Unique Network and Polkadot are building eco-conscious solutions for the future of the blockchain. Greg will be bringing his Web3 wisdom to Blockdown Festival in Croatia (the world’s first NFT-enabled festival) on 11-13 May and Polkadot India’s dotFriday on 27th May, for a presentation on Advanced NFTs (register here).

Unique Ambassadors (Applications are Open!)

We’re still accepting early applicants for our official Unique Ambassador Program. This is an opportunity for you to get deeply integrated into the DNA of the Unique Network at a very exciting and pivotal time in our platfform’s growth. In February, we conducted two ambassador calls and onboarded applicants as Ambassador candidates. Stay tuned for more info on upcoming Ambassador calls, and apply below.

Become an ambassador and help shape the future of the NFT world!

Alex Mitrovich Joined a Polkadot Web3 Talk

Our CEO Alex Mitrovich joined a deep-dive Web3 talk presented by Polkadot with some other leaders from the ecosystem, including Ray Lu from Bitcountry and Bruno Skvorc from RMRK, for a conversation on the metaverse and what it really means, now and in the future. Watch the recording here. Alex was also in CoinDesk as part of their Payments week, to shed some light on stablecoins, and how a unique form of bundling NFTs and stablecoins might potentially change the crypto landscape.

Additionally, Alex was also on Cryptowise’s podcast and Jay Chrawnna’s Space Monkeys podcast to talk about Unique, Quartz, the Polkadot crowdloan, and making it seamless for users by hiding the blockchain.

Our Head of Metaverse Growth, Irina Karagyaur, was in the pages of CoinTelegraph magazine alongside other industry leaders and founders to share some insider tips and wisdom on how to navigate the growing Web3 industry. Read here.

Irina also led a three-hour Twitter Spaces this month on the topic of “Art and Utility”, with digital art pioneer, VESA, and a group of other builders and movers from the NFT, fine art, and crypto communities. Check out a recap of the conversation here, and listen to the recording here.

Thanks for reading and sharing your support during this exciting and eventful month. There’s lots more to come for Unique Network in May. We’ll see you soon!

🪐Neurolanche V3.0 ~ The Milky Way Galaxy🍼

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