The wait is over! The QUARTZ CROWDLOAN is LIVE!

The wait is over! The QUARTZ CROWDLOAN is LIVE!

Quartz gives you easy access to test extreme innovation in NFTs and build for the next generation. Built on Substrate, Quartz gives you the most versatile options for discovery and democratization of the NFT ecosystem and marketplaces (with very low barriers for entry).

Advanced features like Flexible Economic Models, Scheduled Transactions, Re-fungiblity, and Nested NFTs will all be available via Quartz, allowing users to own UX/UI for your fans and customers.


Why we need a parachain slot on Kusama

Our mission at Unique is and always has been to give people the essential and advanced NFT tools to unleash innovation on their own terms.

Quartz is designed to enable the most powerful and advanced NFT functionality on the Kusama Network. By securing a parachain slot on Kusama we will be able to deliver on that mission.

Quartz parachain on Kusama will allow you to build with interoperability between different blockchains, and give developers and engineers the access to the shared security of the entire network.

What is a crowdloan

There are only a few slots available on Kusama and Polkadot. For a project to secure one of the slots, it must compete with other projects through an auction.

Crowdloans are one of the unique offerings of Polkadot's framework, which allows teams like Unique to crowdsource the KSM required for connecting our chain to Kusama.

The supporters of Unique Network can vote for Quartz to secure a slot on the Kusama Network by locking KSM tokens for a given period (a "lock period").

Upon securing a parachain slot, the Quartz crowdloan participants will be rewarded with QTZ tokens.

Crowdloan Rewards

You will be rewarded for each KSM you bond during the crowdloan. The earlier you participate, the higher the rewards will be.

Token Reward

The base reward is 237 QTZ for every KSM bonded. However, early participants get more - the first KSM contributed will get 750 QTZ. For subsequent KSM bonded, refer to the chart or use the calculator to check how many QTZ will you receive for the KSM you want to bond. Only KSM that were bonded before the successful auction win will be eligible for rewards.

The reward curve gives you a view of the rewards through the auction duration.

Reward Calculator

Use this calculator to view an estimated number of QTZ tokens you will receive for KSM you plan to bond. (Pls note that this calculation depends on how much KSM was raised before your contribution). Up to 8% of the total QTZ supply is reserved for the crowdloan participants with a 10 month vesting (linear vesting every block) period. This is 80,000,000 out of the total 1,000,000,000 QTZ. The total KSM raised during the crowdloan will be capped at 220,000 KSM.

A Special Reward!

Of course we know how much you love Chelobricks! Their journey from the day they were dropped has been quite a story! If you are amongst the first 100 participants to stake 10 KSM or more - A chelobrick will find their way to your wallet! :D Have fun checking them out here - https://unqnft.io/#/market

Contibute now!

How can you participate


  1. Buy KSM and set up the polkadot.js wallet before you can participate in the crowdloan.

  2. If you have KSM bonded or staked, you will first need to unbond and allow a cooling period of 7 days before you can participate in Quartz crowdloan.

  3. Before the crowdloan begins, we will provide options to contribute here. Watch this space!


What is a crowdloan?

A crowdloan is a way for new projects on Polkadot and Kusama to get the support they need to connect to the Kusama or Polkadot network as a parachain.

Crowdloan contributions (KSM tokens for Kusama project crowdloans and DOT tokens for Polkadot project crowdloans) are bonded or locked into either a Kusama or Polkadot sponsored account for a designated period of time (a "lock period"). During this bonding period (or after), you are eligible to receive QTZ.

While bonded, the contributed KSM tokens can be used to cover the cost of parachain lease (the amount needed to secure a parachain slot on the Kusama networks), but are never directly accessible by the project parachain. If the project is unable to win an auction, the funds are returned to their owner and unlocked.

What is the difference between Unique and Quartz?

While both Unique and Quartz were built on Substrate, a modular platform for building blockchain, they differ in that Quartz is specifically built for the Kusama community. While Kusama utilizes nearly all of the same code as Polkadot, it's built more specifically for experimental projects that are looking to test and perfect scalability and interoperability. Quartz is the ideal place to jumpstart your plans for building your own NFT ecosystem/marketplace.

Where should I go to participate in the crowdloan?

You can contribute on this page or, if you’re familiar with Kusama/Polkadot, via Polkadot.js APS UI: just click on “Contribute” button in Quartz row.

Which wallets can I use and how to install?

  1. Polkadot.js. Click here for an introduction to Polkadot.js

  2. Parity signer for "Stash Key" accounts.

I don't have KSM but I want to participate. What are the steps?

You will need to buy KSM from an exchange and transfer it to your polkadot.js wallet before you can participate in the crowdloan. In case you already have KSM bonded or staked, you will first need to unbond and allow a cooling period of 7 days before you can participate in Quartz crowdloan.

What is KSM unbonding? How can I unbond my KSM?

Unbonding or unlocking refers to when you want to stake your KSM to a crowdload project but it is currently staked in another protocol or project. To unbond your KSM, you can follow these steps: https://guide.kusama.network/docs/maintain-guides-how-to-unbond/

What is the reward for participating in the crowdloan?

The base reward is 237 QTZ per 1 KSM. However, early participants will get significantly higher rewards. The first KSM contributed gets a total of 750 QTZ. Subsequent rewards are shown on reward graph above.

When I will be able to see and use my QTZ?

You will get your QTZ right after the TGE (Token Generating Event). A rough estimate for TGE is early December, but it also depends on Parity's and Kusama's plan changes.

Untill the TGE your total contribution and reward will be visible at the crowdloan page. At the moment of TGE all the QTZ will be locked. Since then you will see your tokens at Polkadot apps UI - Quartz network, uncluding:

  • locked amount;

  • vested (unlocked) amount.

Your QTZ will be linearly vested in every block within 10 month.

What happens if Quartz doesn't win a slot?

If hell freezes over and we won't win an auction - your KSM will be returned to you on November 27th

MIN and MAX amount KSM I can contribute?

Minimum amount is 0.1 KSM;

Maximum amount is limited to 220 000 KSM

Minimum KSM needed to pay transaction fees?

You need to have extra 0.001 KSM in your wallet to pay for the transaction fee and keep the account alive. This is a requirement by the Kusama network. To illustrate with an example: if you plan to contribute 100 KSM, they you need to have an available balance of 100.001 KSM.

How can I get a Chelobrick?

If you are amongst the first 100 participants to stake 10 KSM or more - a chelobrick will find their way to your wallet!

Have fun checking them out here - https://unqnft.io/#/market.

When will the winners of the Chelobricks be announced and where?

We will announce in our Telegram and Discord as soon as we get information about the first 100 participants.

When will the winner get a Chelobrick?

We will distribute 100 Chelobricks within a week after the announcement of the winners.

If you found your wallet in the announced list - nothing else needs to be done, just stay tuned!

About Unique Network

At Unique Network, we're excited to be a part of building a more efficient, sustainable, scalable, and completely customizable experience for the continued future and growth of the NFT market. From onboarding artists and digital design projects to building freemium games integrated with advanced NFTs, we're creating an ecosystem that we can't wait for you to become a part of. Check out some of the collections of unique digital assets that already live on our Network to get a taste of what we offer.

Whether you're a game developer, fashion designer, gallery owner, art collector, or just a crypto-curious person, Unique Network is the destination and infrastructure created directly for you and your NFT journey.

Learn more about Unique Network

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Unique Network : Mid-July Update

Sumeet Zarkar

Unique has officially won the 14th polkadot parachain auction! 🏆

Unique has officially won the 14th polkadot parachain auction! 🏆

🎉A massive THANK YOU to our entire community for their support, energy, & contributions throughout the crowdloan process. You are all truly #unique💪

SiriusLee | PromoTeam

Unique Network: Bifrost SALP on Polkadot Parachain

Unique Network: Bifrost SALP on Polkadot Parachain

Dear Unique Networkers, 🎙Join us upcoming AMA with Bifrost today🥳! You are invited to join us discussing the latest updates and questions coming fr

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Bifrost SALP Supports Polkadot Crowdloan for Unique Network!

Bifrost SALP Supports Polkadot Crowdloan for Unique Network!

In March 2022, Bifrost announced its support for Unique Network crowdloan on Polkadot. Unique Network is a scalable blockchain for composable NFTs and

SiriusLee | PromoTeam