The Rainbow Boost 5.0 is Live: Enjoy 30 days of minting incentives and on-chain rewards

The Rainbow Boost 5.0 is Live: Enjoy 30 days of minting incentives and on-chain rewards

Rainbow Boost is the community loyalty program launched by Bifrost. During the campaign period, users earn points (Raindrops) for completing various tasks, with the Top addresses receiving rewards for accumulating Raindrops.

Rainbow Boost

Think of the Rainbow Boost as a competition with a point-based ranking, during which everyone competes to earn points by completing the required tasks. There are different prizes, based on the participants ranking, distributed at the end of the competition.

Rainbow Boost has the following features:

  1. There is a defined period in which users can earn points.
  2. Each of these periods are defined as Rainbow Boost seasons.
    So far, four seasons have passed, and the current one is the fifth season.
  3. Rainbow Boost has a set number of actions to earn points, similar to a sports competition. These may vary from a season to another.
  4. Each event has a defined prize pool, divided by point ranking, with rules clearly stated and unique for every season.
  5. Season-based rewards do not carry over, but future airdrop events may reference them.

Ready for the Rainbow Boost 5.0?

Bifrost’s 5th round of Rainbow Boost will run from February 3 to March 3, with the goal of further increasing vToken minting and promoting activity of on-chain addresses.

Rainbow Boost 5.0 Campaign

This round of Rainbow Boost will encourage the minting of:
- vKSM - vDOT - vMOVR - vGLMR - vBNC

Users will receive vToken minting points for mint completion, with the rewards collected as follows:


At the end of the campaign, we will reward the most active users as follows:

  • The Top 50 users will receive 50 Back to Asgard NFT Whitelists spots.
  • The Top 100 users will share ~8,000 $BNC, based on the following rules:

Reward rules

Ranks 1 to 100 will receive fixed BNC rewards. The top 5 will receive fixed prizes at 1000, 800, 600, 400 and 200, respectively. The 45 people between ranks 6–50 will each receive 66 BNCs. Participants who fall between ranks 51–100 will receive 40 BNCs.

vToken Farming Pools

After the success of the vsKSM/KSM Farming pool on Mangata X, the two parachains are ready to launch the new vKSM/KSM Farming pool on Mangata on February 6th.

Adding vKSM & KSM liquidity on Mangata after getting Raindrop points for minting vKSM, will give to an expected 687,500 MGX reward pool!

While vToken has the characteristics of an interest-bearing asset, containing interest income, you can also earn additional Farming income by staking vToken through Bifrost Farming.

So far, the available Farming pools on Bifrost are:

vKSM Farming pool

  • vKSM/USDT: 55.51% APY
  • vKSM single: 0.73% APY

vDOT Farming pool

  • vDOT/DOT: 15.41% APY
  • vDOT single: 5.16% APY
  • vDOT/vsDOT: 27.9% APY

vMOVR Farming pool

  • vMOVR/MOVR: 10.73% APY

vGLMR Farming pool

  • vGLMR/GLMR: 10.44% APY

vBNC Farming pool

  • vBNC/BNC: 11.43% APY

Back to Asgard NFT

The Back to Asgard NFT is an exclusive collection, designed by SFY, dedicated to the most loyal Bifrost users and that will be launched on 2023. Users holding Back to Asgard NFT will gain a unique identity in the Bifrost community, influencing the Bifrost governance in the future.

The Back to Asgard NFT Collection features a nested interactive NFT design based on the RMRK protocol to improve the experience: In fact, each Back to Asgard NFT can be equipped with different gears to obtain diverse bonus and attributes, increasing its value.

The Back to Asgard NFT Collection design is complete and the new website is coming: Stay Tuned!


The Rainbow Boost 5.0 is the first Bifrost community event of the year. For veteran users, it will be an event to discover new assets and collect rewards, while for new users, it will be rewarding experience to explore the Bifrost DApp and learn about Bifrost Liquid Staking Derivatives.

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Join us at our booth on July 11th to dive into Liquid Staking and more! 🌈

Join us at our booth on July 11th to dive into Liquid Staking and more! 🌈

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Time is ticking for the juicy yields ⏳

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Another +500,000 $MANTA liquid staked via omni.ls in the past 2 weeks! 🤯

Another +500,000 $MANTA liquid staked via omni.ls in the past 2 weeks! 🤯

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