The Inaugural MovrPlace

The Inaugural MovrPlace

After months of planning, weeks of painting and 102.9 MOVR totaling about $6.1K at the time of donation, MovrPlace was an outstanding success.

The primary aim of MovrPlace was to bring together a multitude of communities, regardless of chain preference, to create a collective piece of art that now lives on the blockchain forever. We wanted to showcase the ethos of collaboration that resides deep in the hearts and minds of those in the Dotsama ecosystem and, at the same time, create an opportunity for those outside the ecosystem to see what Moonriver can do.

The Community Did Not Let Us Down!

A total of 23 different communities contributed including Astar Degens, our beloved Neons, Moonbeans, Kusama Kings and The Damned Pirates Society as top contributors. These stellar groups came out in force to support our initiative and for that, we are truly thankful. Of course, there were many other contributors to the canvas, and we are forever grateful to you as well.

Besides the warmth of our thanks, we will be be airdropping rewards in the following way with dates TBD.

  • Neons that contributed to MovrPlace Beta will receive a special NFT
  • All MovrPlace participants will receive an NFT
  • The top community, Astar Degens, will be receiving special rewards as well

Now where did all these donations go?

During the development of MovrPlace, the world was shocked with the tyrannic actions of Russia as they waged war on Ukraine. As these tragic events unfolded, we quickly realized that MovrPlace could not only showcase Dotsama’s culture but also help bring together the community to support Ukrainians. This became our focus.

However, to keep it open, we also provided different options for those to donate to other charities. The list of these charities you can see below

For full transparency, here is a list of transaction hashes to confirm donations. Etherscan donations are direct swaps to USDC according to the charities' request

Ukraine Military Aid (Super Colony)

  • https://moonriver.moonscan.io/tx/0xe79bc3fcfa3d95e7a120a15e018c26d1826746ac495305526b9e682cfe37a5bc
  • https://moonriver.moonscan.io/tx/0xd0c6aba88141b8986be24558c177d1f65fa9def3b0f8a6ca9d70436ae63e698b
  • https://moonriver.moonscan.io/tx/0x883e29620840979ba607fde7cbadf9abb7282b5430fbf344164aa4e4f766b7c4
  • https://moonriver.moonscan.io/tx/0x3106de2fb4dbd86195eceeae3790893d37309efb188604c15f2a12a8f5151a64

Girls Who Code

  • https://etherscan.io/tx/0x852abd06e303bd78d2e28b2dbc8d207d392548997a3c9f6c1823d04ec21e7740

Ukraine Humanitarian Aid (Super Colony)

  • https://moonriver.moonscan.io/tx/0x650e7f999817bf8cf5d0ebcef2045c344b2007e0b8ca7b8ff00c84d8df1244ac
  • https://moonriver.moonscan.io/tx/0xf08775f334403e8161cc18b47b3afe93cebca25b3db3681cb19c89bff0276d09
  • https://moonriver.moonscan.io/tx/0xad5f4e3f2b8130145b9e4e9d0722c8b7c9affa5bfe04c619d045f083979008ad
  • https://moonriver.moonscan.io/tx/0x2ac184f6a89545485f245e0924824a95c5010181aa6461d5e408fbf169122b93


  • https://etherscan.io/tx/0xec6db954373c01d3e2b7cba15b1936e159a0c3403172b7bc3e36d845017760c3

World Central Kitchen

  • https://etherscan.io/tx/0xfdf1df508768a93ceeff4619c1d5b04251d88ced2b5ff3336cc5dd23c453ed1e

Global Fund for Children

  • https://etherscan.io/tx/0x8b5278d4bc6a5b88a59f01438717014c6d0822ad5a2f534413af1e123c0ecb05

Direct Relief

  • https://etherscan.io/tx/0x90ba73169017e58f9746aa0ddc6b896105fb9f6d85bda94b99c92953d3c39960

Gorilla Doctors

  • https://etherscan.io/tx/0xf5a167e78268d19da8a26baa2859af89b5ebeb190a0e075cd218853ef609f773

The Danish Refugee Council

  • https://etherscan.io/tx/0xd936ff7624836e73e503df72dd5086d955ba8aed6b67bdf6dff632ff5189de48

Lawyers for Good Government

  • https://etherscan.io/tx/0xc6e600806a0b046162720e3cacdc88279ad2bb19e4d3c19ab3e01fc87c37af8c

The Future of MovrPlace

We at Neon Crisis have begun fostering deeper relationships with the community at large through this initiative. As we develop more and more relationships within the ecosystem, we truly believe we will bring each other up together. Know that MovrPlace has sparked initiatives that are developing innovative cross-community collaboration for the benefit of all of Dotsama. More to come here. Finally, let us be clear, MovrPlace is not done. We plan on hosting this charity event every year and will continue to improve the user experience and set of features. We are excited to continue development.

We will always create experiences that last and continue to bring value to the community and especially our Neon Crisis NFT holders.

Thank you!

What is Neon Crisis?

The team behind MovrPlace is Neon Crisis, the original cyberpunk, techno-dystopian NFT project in the Dotsama ecosystem. Being builders at heart, we aim to create long lasting experiences that will reach far beyond today. Our lead developer is Cicada, who is hard at work developing RMRK’s newest NFT standards written in solidity to be compatible with EVM chains such as Moonbeam and Ethereum. As such, we will be the first independent NFT project to utilize RMRK 3.0, the most advanced NFT technology on Earth. This technology allows for many alternate ways of interacting and using NFTs, one of which is being able to equip and own other NFTs. To learn more about Neon Crisis, follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on all the alpha.

Secondary sales are available on Moonbeans.io, Moonriver’s top NFT Marketplace. Any questions? Feel free to join the discord and the community will be happy to answer.

Composed by Csaint02, follow me on Twitter for educational content, NFT alpha and more

🪐Neurolanche V3.0 ~ The Milky Way Galaxy🍼

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