The First Multi-Resource NFT on EVM

The First Multi-Resource NFT on EVM

Welcome Neon

It is undeniable the state of the market has unveiled the underbelly of the overleveraged crypto investment funds, exchanges, DAOs and NFT projects. Many in Web3 have sputtered, lost interest or simply rugged their communities. In Neon City, we embrace and thrive in dystopia and have continued to build through it all.

We are proud to announce that we are dropping the very first EVM compliant RMRK NFTs in history. We are honored to be breaking ground on this next step in NFT technology.

See the website to mint here

If you haven’t heard of RMRK, it is a visionary team developing a standard for the most advanced NFTs in the world. Bold, we know, but you should pay attention to this one. The standard utilizes 5 core primitives, dubbed legos. These primitives can be mixed and matched to create true multimedia experiences in the form of NFTs. To learn more about RMRK’s standard watch this video below and if you are of a technical mind, take a look at their github here.

Check out a quick video on RMRK NFT Legos courtesy of Alpha Airdrop

Multi-Resource NFTs

The first lego deploying to EVM will be Multi-Resource NFTs, which we are taking full advantage of with this drop

We encourage you to think of this lego as multimedia. With Multi-Resource NFTs, we are able to incorporate multiple versions of one NFT into the same NFT. For example, a single NFT can be rendered as a PDF, an mp3, a JPEG, or even a web application that renders an arcade game.

For our drop, we leverage this by incorporating these features in our posters linked above.

As you interact with these posters, take note of the music, the voice over lore and the stellar take on Neon City through our art director’s eyes. This entire experience we incorporate into one NFT - the poster itself. On purchase of the poster, you now own each of these pieces of art in one single NFT.

There is truly no other NFT like this in the world

While this is absolutely groundbreaking, we want to highlight those incredible artists that made this possible. The music was composed by members of the Chaos Collective, Leifwyn and Terra Incognita. The art is courtesy of our outstanding Art Director Nene Tsukiko and we want to bring special attention to the lore itself developed by Silas Crane and a member of our core team Pnin. And also, a special shoutout to Canary Network Agency for helping us with the sprites for “Neon Runner”.

As we build out Neon City and our world begins to take shape, the story behind the Neons will be central to the future of our project. We want Neon holders to be immersed in the universe we cultivate and experience NFTs like they never have before.

This is just the beginning

Minting Details

We aim to assure our project is accessible by keeping the barrier of entry low. So we have priced the posters in the following manner.

Common Posters = 2 $MOVR each

  • Cerebrus

  • The Prodigy

  • Berserker

Legendary Poster = 4 $MOVR

  • Neon City

Holders of Neon Crisis NFTs were able to claim tickets about a month ago (you still can if the Neon you own hasn’t claimed it.) with a promise of a drop, and it is now here! Tickets will give a 2 MOVR discount per ticket to be applied at time of purchase.

  • Common Posters = 1 ticket

  • Legendary Poster = 2 tickets

If you only have one ticket, you could use it to either mint one of the common posters for free or use it cover the remainder in $MOVR. This logic is applied throughout the drop.

  • Legendary Poster = 1 ticket + 2 $MOVR

We also opened up the secondary market for the tickets, so if you choose to undercut the 2 MOVR mint price and sell your extra tickets you can do so!

Secondary market for tickets can be found here


Once you own a specific poster set, you can go to your collection page and a “download’ button should appear for that poster set. This will allow you to download the different types of resources that your NFT has.

Important note

The mint will only be open until July 5th.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned earlier, this is just the beginning. While we encourage you to think of Multi-Resource NFTs as multimedia, they can do much more…and this is only lego 1 of 5. We plan to prepare our NFTs to be compatible with multiple metaverses, incorporating equipping of items, be upgradable and compatible with multiple collections.

Without our lead dev, Cicada, working constantly on RMRK’s new standard none of this would be possible. A huge shoutout to the dev who has worked tirelessly for Neon Crisis and the Dotsama ecosystem, Kenji. His frontend work is integral to making these wheels turn. Finally a thank you to RMRK for giving us the vehicle to ship this drop and giving us the greenlight to the first independent project utilizing the EVM compatible RMRK standard.

Owning a Neon Crisis is a gate to the future and the beginning of a true NFT experience unlike any other.

About Neon Crisis

Neon Crisis is the original cyberpunk, techno-dystopian NFT project in the Dotsama ecosystem. Being builders at heart, we aim to create long lasting experiences that will reach far beyond today. One of our lead developers is Cicada, who is hard at work developing RMRK’s newest NFT standards written in solidity to be compatible with EVM chains such as Moonbeam and Ethereum. As such, we will be the first independent NFT project to utilize RMRK 3.0, the most advanced NFT technology on Earth. This technology allows for many alternate ways of interacting and using NFTs, one of which is being able to equip and own other NFTs. To learn more about Neon Crisis, follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on all the alpha.

Secondary sales are available on Moonbeans.io, Moonriver’s top NFT Marketplace. Any questions? Feel free to join the discord and the community will be happy to answer.

Embrace the Chaos


The First Multi-Resource NFT on EVM

The First Multi-Resource NFT on EVM

Welcome Neon It is undeniable the state of the market has unveiled the underbelly of the overleveraged crypto investment funds, exchanges, DAOs and


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