The Fires of Hou-ou

The Fires of Hou-ou

As the Kanaria claim phase draws to a close, the fires of Hou-ou are burning ever brighter. An eternal flame engulfs the unloved eggs, consuming everything within and without.

Burning eggs

These birds - without a home, without a family - are dying a horrible death. Forever encased in an ashy tomb of blistering heat, the Kanaria that never hatch are thrown into the fires of Hou-ou so that others may live in this crossover of Nordic Jul Festivities into Japanese Canary birds.

The last few days from June 27th to June 30th will be Sudden Death mode, high flammambility. Every unsaved egg will burn 5 additional eggs of its type alongside it.

But you can change this. You can alter their fate, give them love and the family they deserve. You can SAVE them.

Saving Birds

At the bottom of the Kanaria home page, you will now see a list of eggs designated for burning - the ones with the fire backgrounds. As you save them, you climb the leaderboard. As each countdown reaches 0, the unsaved eggs burn. If all eggs are saved before the countdown reaches 0, the next batch is queued up.


Why Save?

Apart from, well, spreading love and family values, the other reward you get for saving the eggs is a special Midsommar theme on the bird that will eventually hatch.

All saviors get a wonderful wreath to equip as headgear (if your bird rolls headgear as part of the regular hatching process, it gets BOTH). The top 10 saviors get a very rare tradable Midsommar background too, and the Prime Savior also gets a megawreath. Example of background and regular wreath below!

How to Save?

Go to Kanaria's home page and claim one of the burning eggs. If there are no eggs of the rarity level you want (e.g. there are only rares left, or only LEs), wait until the timer expires or the eggs are all saved to see a new set. That's it! Applying the reward is automatic when the birds hatch!

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