The Final Countdown: Hatching Extension and Possible TGE Delay

The Final Countdown: Hatching Extension and Possible TGE Delay

Hello all, I'll make this short but here's an even shorter TLDR:

  • we're allowing hatching throughout July
  • 2.0 functionality will get a tiered release, not all-at-once (probably not news but good to be clear)
  • the token might not happen on July 1st, but will happen as soon as it's technically possible. It depends Statemine becoming permissionless, no one is able to mint tokens on it right now and we don't know how far off this functionality is.
  • due to some late entries and very few votes across the board the art contest voting period is being extended for 1 week. Submission still ends on June 30.

In the interest of full transparency, details below.

Art Contest Voting Extension

We will be leaving the voting on the Art Contest open until July 7th due to some late entries and too few votes.

Submissions still end on June 30th, so get your art in, but also remember that with every new vote the pot grows for everyone, so even as just a voter it is in your best interest to ask people to vote and spread the word!

The period from July 8th to July 15th will be focused on plagiarism detection, and cheating winners will be disqualified with runners up winning instead etc.

Hatching Extension

We've had so many new users late in the game who were completely uninitialized that we now have well over half the eggs hatchable but not hatching. People are still asking what emotes are, and how to hatch, or what the eggs are even about. Many founders (over a third!) also didn’t hatch yet, which would be a terrible loss, as we have some beautiful artworks lined up. They might have been affected by the bear market, perhaps their focus is elsewhere, maybe they had work on, an illness, or simply forgot to be active.

The art we've lined up is truly amazing, all commissioned and paid for - more than 30 artists contributed.

We always said we would extend the hatching period if the percentage of unhatched hatchables is high and this seems to have come true - 40% going to waste would be a tragedy. We will continue to allow hatching throughout July, but that's it - no further extensions.

People who hatch in July will get a penalty on their emotes, meaning the longer you wait, the less of an effect your emotes will have. The reverse of this. That means you still get the best results by clicking Hatch in June. Likewise, for every week in July that passes, you lose one Bird trait and the accompanying slot rots.


Example: you hatched your 3-trait bird on July 4th, and the bird rolled "Rev Share" and "Secondary art". The third trait would, as per this post, be a trait voucher. However in this case, this trait slot will remain empty and you will NOT get a free trait and the slot it would have been equipped in will be forever ruined (a late-birth defect). If you hatched this same bird on July 12th, you would get 2 empty slots, and would lose the "Secondary art" trait.

Note 🚨 Hatching on June 30th does NOT get you penalized, even if your bird appears in July. Hatching on July 31st still hatches your bird, even though it will appear in August, so don't worry about losing it.

2.0 Functionality Tiered Release

Kanaria took a lot out of us in the past few weeks, especially as new partnerships came on board and we started working closely with projects that will put RMRK on some serious maps, benefiting the whole project and all tokenholders later.

The art contest's filtering, UI building, multimedia support, and general technical support have also taken at least a week of collective dev-time away from us.

With bug fixes and feature upgrades across the board, optimizations, and these partnerships - which we know you'll love - we don't want to do a rushed launch with tech debt that would hold us prisoner for years to come and unnecessarily increase burn rate.

This is something we assumed was implied but maybe communicated badly, so we want to be explicit here: the 2.0 functionality launch will be tiered - features will be released a feature at a time rather than all at once. This will give us time to test each part thoroughly before moving to the next. The idea is still to have full Dawn functionality ready throughout July though, except tokenization which needs on-chain logic as specified in the post.

A tiered release does NOT affect token distribution. Read below.

Token Delay

We were expecting to launch the token on or before July 1st, and allow people to claim the tokens immediately (or as soon as we build the UI for this). However, this depends on when Parity makes Statemine, the chain we're launching the token on, permissionless (it is currently permissioned and not just anyone can mint on it).

As soon as this happens we will mint the tokens and allow distribution. You will be able to withdraw from a special UI we build for this purpose. Exchange listings will follow closely.

So while the exact date of the token minting is unknown and out of our hands, we will do it as soon as we are technically able, and hopefully on-schedule, beginning of July.

What about token snapshot, sale, egg burning?

Everything remains as planned:

  • token snapshot is on July 1st, noon CET. Buying an egg p2p after that date does NOT grant you tokens.
  • sale ends June 30th, as planned. RMRK team will have no more eggs to sell you.
  • all unsold eggs will have been burned by the end of June 30th.

Thanks for understanding, see you on the other side!

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