Subsocial's Spacer Program

Subsocial's Spacer Program

We are living in a world that is interconnected and where interdependency is on the rise and is only going to get stronger in the coming years. Needless to say the internet today is a critical component of our life.  Our reliance on the internet has increased drastically over the years and the pandemic has forced us to accept the digital world faster than ever before. All our needs ranging from educational to occupational as well as recreational are being taken care of online. During this time the web itself has undergone several changes from being static to social and potentially decentralized owing to the rise and popularity of blockchain technologies.

MakerDAO, builders of DAI(stable coin), wrote in April 2020. “The drawbacks of centralized power became more evident, as did the power of technology.

Web 2.0 was dominated by centralized entities like Facebook and Google, and its prime focus was data surveillance and targeted advertising. Web 3.0 aims to return the power into the hands of the users. Data sovereignty is a major issue these days and Web 3.0 has the potential to bring a fairer internet. One that is free from centralized control and extraction of data. 

What does this mean?

It essentially means the decentralized web will activate the displacement of technological giants like Facebook, Google, etc., and enable individuals to own and control their data. Web 3.0 will be defined by digital collectibles (NFTs) and alternate currencies powered by the blockchain protocol. In some areas of social internet, we can witness the aforementioned shift.

ENTER SubSocial- a user-owned decentralized platform on Polkadot. A true example of two trends converging- decentralization and data sovereignty.

If you want to know more about Subsocial you can go through my articles where I cover the platform in-depth, its tokenomics, and the need for decentralized platforms.

This article will focus on the Subsocial Spacer Program.

Before I elaborate on the Spacer Program, I would like to point out the initial launch of this very program was rushed and didn’t have a proper structure to it. It needed several reforms and a clear strategy as well as a defined structure. The newly launched program addresses all issues associated with the previously designed program.

Within Subsocial, Spacers refers to individuals who’re passionate and excited about being part of a network that empowers its users, protects their data, and provides them with tools to create and manage their own profiles. Spacers relate to this collaborative spirit and encourage others to embrace it. They’re community-focused and their contribution includes but is not restricted to their consistent presence on Subsocial, Twitter, Telegram, and/or Discord or producing content relating to the projects or the community itself.

Spacers 2.0

“With the 2.0 update, The Spacers Program now borders on being a play-to-earn game.”

Brief overview

The Spacer Program will enable Spacers to earn through participation. There will be certain missions, tasks, etc. that spacers will have to complete in order to gain XP (short for experience). XP is required to rank up and is crucial in reward determination.

Critical components of the SubSocial Spacer Program

Seasons A season in the program lasts for a period of 4 weeks and features a leaderboard. The first official season began on 4th October 2021.

Missions In order to gain XP and rewards, Spacers will have to complete missions. These missions are common to all seasons however, there will be some missions that will be unique to the season (these will be of higher difficulty and thus will provide spacers higher rewards). Note: The rewards are directly proportional to the difficulty level of the mission. The more difficult the mission the more XP spacers gain.

Click here to go through the Spacer Document for a deeper understanding of the program.

Ranks The experience (XP) you gain from completing missions will determine your rank. All new recruits start out as Space Plebs. Within the program, there are two types of ranks – Crews and Officers. Note: When a new rank is achieved XP is not reset (each rank is cumulative)

Crew ranks range from Space Pleb to Master Chief. Officer ranks consist of Captains, Commodores, and Admirals.

Officers are responsible for the smooth operation of The Spacer Fleet, and can lose their rank if the assigned duties aren't fulfilled. In order to become an Officer, Spacers will have to do more than simply complete assigned missions.

Rewards At the core of the Program is the XP (experience gained) as it determines your rank as well as the rewards (a solid incentive for your participation) you receive.

Note: Reward multipliers are reset at the beginning of the next season. The purpose of multipliers is to reward the most dedicated Spacers.

How rewards are calculated? At the end of the season, you will be rewarded with SubSocial tokens at a rate of 100:1 after your reward multiplier is applied to your season’s XP gain.

Ready for a ride to Space?

This post is written as part of Subsocial's Ambassador Program.

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Subsocial's Spacer Program

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