Singular Exclusive: Dino x Dino

Singular Exclusive: Dino x Dino

RMRK is proud to introduce the first external collection launch on Singular: a project by Metasafari, inspired by RMRK's previous success with Kanaria, and using RMRK's whitelabel option for NFT sales.

Dino X Dino (‘Dino’) is part of MetaSafari’s multi-tribe collection of brands. This brand's first launch will be a collection of digital eggs akin to Kanaria - four levels of rarity, a limited set of 9999 in total.

Note: this project is not part of Kanaria, but Kanaria owners do have certain perks in the sale as originally promised by Kokopelli gems.

Once thawed and hatched, the gorgeous limited edition dinosaur eggs will transform into one of 100 different dinosaur breeds, each being a multi-resource NFT — with many capable of owning other NFTs. The traits and features of the Dino collection include element-bending gems, designer backgrounds, as well as accessories and transportation abilities.

The Dino NFTs are designed to become part of an intricate gaming experience in MetaSafari; the Dino role in the MetaSafari world is to help recreate the planet and protect Alt Saints’ endangered animals. The Dinosaurs’ message is clear and direct: don’t let our endangered animals, trees and insects become extinct.

In addition to collecting, thawing and hatching the Dinosaur NFTs, owners will also have free access to limited edition merchandise such as trucker hats with interchangeable patches; each owner will get a trucker hat with a brand logo patch, and a patch with their specific hatched dinosaur breed. Please see the gif below for the Alt Saints version of this.

MetaSafari and the Tribes are inspired from games, TV shows and advertising that draw from the styling, technical advancement and hope from specific eras. From the retro-future car design and the obsession with space exploration of the 1960s through to the 1980s & 1990s interpretations of 17th century isometric art, our tribes are further enriched with pop music and the art and fashion that accompanied the eras.

Sale and Pre-sale

The sale will happen in three stages: Kokopelli, Kanaria, and Public.

The eggs will not be distributed until the end of the Public sale period, in order to prevent Kokopelli / Kanaria phase flipping into Public sale.

Kokopelli Sale (🚨 PHASE OVER)

This phase will start on 27th October and last for 1 week.

Everyone with a Kokopelli gem can already contact gems@rmrk.app for instructions on how to burn their Kokopelli gem in order to get a 50% discount compared to Public sale on the Dino eggs. There is no limit to the number of eggs you can purchase. You will be given all other instructions via email.

It is recommended to not spend a Kokopelli unless you intend to purchase at least ~10 eggs, purely due to the value of the gem vs. the cost savings on the purchase. If you want to buy a smaller amount, look into the Kanaria phase, below.

The Kokopelli discount continues all the way until the public sale, but it is then competing with the Kanaria sale for notable serial numbers and rarities (see below).

Kanaria Sale (🚨 PHASE OVER)

This phase will start immediately as the Kokopelli phase ends, and lasts for another week.

Everyone with a Rare or higher Kanaria bird will be able to order Dino eggs at a 25% discount compared to Public sale. There is no limit to the number of eggs you can purchase.

Everyone with a Limited Edition Kanaria bird will be able to order Dino eggs at a 5% discount, at a maximum of 1 angel, 3 royals, and 10 guardians.

To qualify:

  • own a Kanaria bird and email dino@rmrk.app
  • while owning a bird, email us with the desired number of eggs, and potentially with the serial numbers of the eggs you're interested in - check which numbers are available by looking here.
  • we'll give you payment instructions and reserve the eggs for you

Public Sale ( 🚨 PHASE OVER)

The public sale will be open to all, and will use the usual purchase mechanic available on Singular.

Discounts no longer apply during the Public Sale.

If you'd like to buy a larger batch OTC (same price, but more practical), please email dino@rmrk.app.

Like Kanaria, the eggs will be sold in 4 categories, each with its own pricing tier:

  • Guardians: 1 KSM
  • Royals: 10 KSM
  • Angels: 50 KSM
  • Gods: 75 KSM

The above discounts apply to these prices, so:

Unsold eggs will go into a DAO where the community will decide what happens to the dinos, based on the number of eggs/dinos they have.


After the sale, the team will enter a development period which will take several months. These eggs will not drop any tokens or share revenue, which means they cannot be classified as securities and as such will be available to all locales, including USA.

Future NFT airdrops on top of these, however, are a likely scenario.

There are plans to integrate the Dino(verse) with Kanaria, in both item and avatar compatibility. Stay tuned as our respective projects evolve around one another.

To learn more about the project:

To launch your own collections with Singular this way, email us at bd@rmrk.app.


Is this part of Kanaria?

No, this is a completely separate venture by another team.

Does this take away value from Kanaria?

No, it adds value. The metaverses will merge in some ways (cross-verse avatars) and some equippable NFTs from the Kanaria generation might be equippable onto Dinos as well. We'll work closely with them to expand both universes and grow the pie, but we'll always keep Kanaria a priority.

Do I really need to email you to purchase with a bird / Kokopelli?

Yes. The sale works on a first-come-first-serve basis based on emails received, in order to guarantee we fairly distribute the serial numbers of the desired eggs to everyone writing in - we don't want you to burn a Kokopelli and then not get what you wanted. If you're worried about privacy, please feel free to use a throwaway address.

Will these eggs also drop tokens and revenue share?

There are no such plans at the moment. For all information please see their website.

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