Singular Changelog Special Edition: New Verification Flow

Singular Changelog Special Edition: New Verification Flow

Since we introduced verification on Singular, we've seen unprecedented and unexpected demand. Hundreds of requests have swarmed our inboxes, with the team scrambling to find a set of rules to apply equally to all.

As we're finding our footing and crystalizing our ruleset (for which we ask for and appreciate your patience), we've decided to, in the interest of spam-prevention and added utility to RMRK tokens, implement a new verification flow.

Starting today, in order to be verified, you need to have 10 $RMRK tokens in the issuing wallet at all times, a registered identity with email contact information in your space, and either be known by the RMRK team beforehand and have a collection pre-arranged, OR fulfill either of the following conditions:

  • at least 5 NFTs in the collection
  • a previously verified collection

Those passing these requirements will see a new "Request Verification" button on their collection's screen.

If your balance drops below the min $RMRK required, you will be automatically unverified. You only need to have this balance per account, not per collection!

You can consider this to be "staking" of $RMRK tokens.

Wait how much $RMRK?? 😱

We hear you, it's a concern that has been brought up several times as we were planning this. The problem is that we're seeing too much spam, and we want to keep our team sane while also giving the token some utility.

Please remember that verification is NOT endorsement, and so unverified collections simply mean they're a bit lower on the home page than others. That is literally all.

If your work is objectively good, you'll have enough to obtain and hold the tokens after one or two sales (in fact, the Get RMRK button works rather well). After that, it's smooth sailing. This has the additional benefit of your buyer(s) soft-vetting you for us - we assume many people do at least a basic search before buying, so any red flags should pop up before we reach the verification stage.

All that being said, this limit will be up for discussion in RMRK's first DAO governance proposal, coming soon.

We understand that change is hard to accept, and this seems like a lot. We would not be doing this if it wasn't a net positive for the entire community: tokenholders, artists, collectors, and ultimately, the RMRK team.

How to Verify

If you don't qualify, the button will be disabled, telling you what to do to enable it:

Once pre-requisites are met, you will be able to initiate the request.

To speed up the verification flow, please include a link to cloud-hosted (like Google Drive) files - this can be source files, 3D models, a video of your design process, etc - the more detailed the better. Do not include links to downloadable zips because the team doing the verification will not unzip unknown archives on their computers for obvious reasons. If your collection was sourced from a third party, show us the messages between the two of you and/or the receipt / payment information for this service. All this will help us click "Verify" that much faster!

In case you get rejected, you'll see a note why. In that case, you should fix the problem and re-submit.


  • why do some artists seem to be immune to these requirements?
    • some artists are known to us from before even if they never published on Singular, and/or we have an agreement with them on different conditions for the 1st sale, like a higher commission. While we reserve the right to manually approve anyone, we still carefully vet everyone, and please note that randomly reaching out if you're "unknown" in the space only increases the amount of emails we get and slows the process for everyone.
  • how can we vote to reduce the token amount requirement?
    • you can't yet, but a UI is underway. All will be announced about the DAO very soon.
  • what if I'm already verified on Opensea, Rarible, etc.?
    • you will still need $RMRK tokens, but contact us at verification@rmrk.app. You will be asked to sign a message with the wallet in control of that other account and if all goes well, the other requirements will be waived.
  • is this applied retroactively?
    • no, if you were verified previously you're immune to this requirement but new collections you make will trigger it.
  • will I be notified via email when my verification passes / fails?
    • not currently, so check back. We will add emails in the next few days.
  • what about when RMRK transfers are broken due to Kusama or Statemine bugs?
    • this is something out of our hands, unfortunately, you'll have to be patient or prepare in advance. We're hoping to become immune to this problem very soon as we begin the process of migrating RMRK tokens off of Statemine.
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