Singular Changelog 7: Last One Before the Big One

Singular Changelog 7: Last One Before the Big One

Even though these changes have been out for a while, we still want to document them before The Great Change that is coming, just to be on the record about them.

In this changelog:

  • new embedded charts by Web3Go
  • per-account activity
  • multi-chain reading of RMRK balances
  • Statemine clarification banner
  • minor UI fixes

New embedded charts by Web3Go

Web3Go is Litentry's spinoff focusing on charting the Dotsama ecosystem. We've admittedly been dragging our feet with chart stats on Singular due to other priorities, so we were thrilled when they told us about their NFT stats.

From February onwards, users can now see charted stats of each collection by clicking on the charts icon. Stats represented: unique owners, floor, transactions, and volume.

Per-account activity

You can now see what you spent your precious KSM on in one place. Clicking the Activity tab in your Space will allow you to see the past actions as filtered by the left-hand-side dropdown.

Multi-chain balance reading

We now detect RMRK balances across Bifrost, Karura, and Statemine. MOVR integration is coming soon too, but is a bit more complex and needs more dev work.

Statemine clarification banner

When looking at Statemine or Statemint NFTs, a banner will be shown at the top of the screen helping you find a post that explains the difference between these NFTs and Kusama NFTs, and why the former are not tradable.

This was done to formally address many hundreds of questions we got on this topic. The link leads to this post.

Minor UI Fixes

  • overlapping pagination buttons in some cases
  • account activity table log mobile view fix
  • the read more button from collection descriptions is removed if description is short
  • the reverse image search mysteriously disappeared for a bit
  • the reserve fee for registering an identity has previously been miscalculated
  • the Statemine balance read disappeared at one point. Fixed now.
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