Singular Changelog 6

Singular Changelog 6

In this changelog:

  • new verification flow, documented here
  • collection rankings
  • referral and address copy buttons
  • mint and burn on Statemine
  • removed SimpleSwap
  • QR codes on sender and recipient
  • burned NFT view
  • better reverse image search
  • history deeplinking
  • minor UX improvements
  • bug fixes

New Verification Flow

From now on, to verify a collection, you will need to have at least 10 $RMRK at all times, a set identity, and at least 5 NFTs in that collection or a special agreement with the team. The 10 RMRK is only per-account, not per-collection.

We realize this is a high barrier to entry, but it's necessary to prevent spam verification requests. Otherwise we'd be too swamped to every verify anyone. Believe us, there's two people full time on verifications.

The amount of RMRK required can be modified via governance. More info on that soon.

Full details about the verification flow in this post.

Referral and Address Copy Buttons

The Account Selection popup will now offer two new buttons: copy referral link, and copy address. This will not close the popup. This lets you easily fetch the link you need for sale-revenue-sharing schema like that of Dino x Dino.

Removed SimpleSwap

We removed SimpleSwap as an option to purchase RMRK. Their lax support and frequent bugs despite us giving them comprehensive advice on how to avoid them have prompted us to remove their widget from both Kanaria and Singular to prevent any more loss of funds.

Additional methods to obtain RMRK will become available shortly - notably on DEXes on Karura and Moonriver. For up to date availability information please refer to the Singular Tokens page.

Collection rankings

We now have a dedicated rankings page on Singular for collection performance over time.

You can pick the time range in inspect volume, floor, and other metrics in that range. We intend to upgrade this page with charts and more details as we find some developer time.

Mint and Burn on Statemine

You can now mint Statemine collections and burn them from the Singular UI.

The UI is exactly the same and should be familiar, but the following caveats are worth keeping in mind:

  • minting on Statemine requires a 1 KSM deposit per class (collection), which you get back if you burn the collection
  • minting on Statemine allows you to burn NFTs and entire collections even if they're not owned by the issuer any more. So an issuer can always take away, freeze, or destroy your NFTs.
  • minting on Statemine has the additional option of freezing metadata. Until frozen, metadata can be mutated, which is useful for post-sale reveals and similar mechanics. However, the issuer always has control over this and can modify it at will (by unfreezing).
  • there is currently no way to set a collection banner on Statemine, but this functionality will be added soon.

Trading is not yet on the way because it's very difficult and dangerous to implement due to a lack of logic on the chain.

QR Codes on send / recieve

The send / recieve functionality will now support QR codes. This is especially handy for mobile use. You can find the QR code of your address in the account selection menu, and you can find the input for QR in the Send popup where clicking the QR button will activate your webcam and wait for a scan.

You can also find the QR button in a user's space.

View Burned NFTs

Some pages will now have a "Show burned" toggle, allowing you to see NFTs you have minted but that have been burned. Useful for keeping track of things, audits, etc.

This is only available to issuers of NFTs, we have not made it available to NFT owners on purpose.

More Reverse Image Search Options

You can now use three different options to do due diligence before buying an NFT.

We strongly recommend using all of them before purchasing.

History Deeplinking

You can now click on the individual entries of an NFT's history to go to the block in which this action happened. This should make inspecting the raw RMRK transaction much easier for the curious, and should also assist with bug reports.

Minor UX Boosts

  • It is now easy to copy an NFT's ID from its details page, by just tapping on the ID. No more fiddling with URLs to get an ID out.
  • There is now an indicator for when an item is equipped on Kanaria, so that when you're looking at your inventory and a set of identical items, you know which ones are in use at a glance.
  • Profile banner and collection banner ratio has been unified at 3:1, making it easier to reuse banners and also enhancing compatibility with Sub.id.
  • You can now set 0 as a batch listing price, effectively de-listing multiple NFTs at once.
  • The PDF reader has been improved somewhat with page jumping and other controls.
  • Kanaria resources are now loaded on demand, not immediately on NFT load, speeding up load times. The SVG composer (the renderer making your bird appear) will also now load fragments with a slight fade-in to be less jarring.

Bug fixes

  • The number of owned NFTs per collection when looking at collections will now be accurate
  • An introduction of a new common library broke identity displays on Statemine. This has now been fixed.
  • A collection's external link will now be visible on the collection page (duh
  • A jarring horizontal scroll on mobile was fixed, caused by a rogue sharing popup
  • When burning gems to use them on Kanaria, the reason for the burn could sometimes overflow the box it's shown in.
  • Locked KSM will now no longer be shown as your balance in the taskbar, preventing buy attempts with money you do not have.
  • There was an ellipsis bug in history where it tried to "shorten" too short names.
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