Singular Changelog 5

Singular Changelog 5

Another batch of updates on Singular.

This time:

  • bulk actions
  • balances on mobile
  • file type filters
  • multi-resource view on Kanaria
  • emotes now visible again on homepage
  • explore page defaults to verified NFTs now
  • "Verify on IPFS" is now "Inspect" by Crust
  • minor UI tweaks
  • bug fixes

Let's explore.

Bulk Actions

You can now issue interactions in bulk on any number of NFTs you own. You can list in batches, burn in batches, and send in batches.

Click on the checkbox on any of your NFTs and the bulk action buttons will become enabled. Once you're done with the full selection, fire off one of the commands.

Balances on Mobile

The mobile menu will now support showing your account balance.

Network and account controls are now also in a separate menu on mobile, allowing you to switch network, theme, and wallet in a single sidebar away from general navigation.

File-type Filters

It is now possible to search by specific file type on Singular. We currently support searching by PDF, video, audio, image, and 3D model.

Additionally, explore, space, and home pages will now indicate what kind of filetype an NFT is.

Multi-resource view on Kanaria

Kanaria now supports browsing through resources of multi-resource NFTs. This means you can view all the resources of an NFT without the owner having to change priority. The priority still matters for default display, but it is now easier to inspect the resources.

Protip: go check out all the secondary art of the founder birds, it's SO pretty 😍

We also added a little tooltip which, when clicked, takes you to the FAQ page explaining multi-resource NFTs.

This is worth mentioning here despite being Kanaria because this feature is graduating to Singular soon as part of the RMRK2 upgrade.

Emotes on Homepage

Due to performance concerns we had to disable emotes on the home page a while back. They're back now, so go crazy!

Default to Verified

To further curb plagiarism, the explore page will now default to showing verified collections only. You can toggle this setting. This is designed to give less exposure to potentially sus collections.

Not sure what verified means? We explain in the FAQ.

Inspect on Crust

Crust Network was kind enough to build a dedicated UI for us showing the geo distribution of a desired IPFS file, so you can always tell how globally distributed your NFT is. Click the "Inspect" button to check it out.

The raw file that you could previously download by clicking on "Verify on IPFS" is now available on Crust's page too - click "Open File":

Minor UI Tweaks

  • details and description tab of an individual NFT have now been merged into a single Details tab, making room for the release of an attributes tab
  • main nav menu now has links to our feature request and bug report boards

Bugs Fixed

  • Visiting a Singular space will now take you to Owned, not Created
  • When minting, the Create button will be disabled immediately on click, with no delay. This caused some double-mints before.
  • Our PDF reader hasn't been behaving these past few weeks. This has now been fixed.
  • The buy history of an NFT didn't show the buyer. Now it does.
  • UI glitches and fixes related to aspect ratios, mobile, and more small things you probably wouldn't notice.
  • if the name field is missing from a minted NFT's metadata, it will now fall back to the name value on the on-chain NFT itself
  • markdown is now properly rendered in the NFT description
  • clicking the identicon in the account selection popup will no longer close account selection
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