Singular Changelog 4

Singular Changelog 4

It's been a while since our last changelog, so we figured we'd best compile a list of updates, even if some are already "old" by now.

In this changelog:

  • verified collections
  • FAQ page
  • hide copies of NFTs toggle
  • bug and feature request board
  • new audio player
  • see collections in one's space
  • see which NFTs you own with a new "owned" tag
  • collection description inheritance
  • performance upgrades
  • bugs fixed

Let's go into details.

FAQ Page

We have an FAQ page now which should contain answers to all of your most burning questions. If you've got any, please ask at contact@rmrk.app or in Telegram and we'll filter them into the FAQ page.

Verified Collections

We now verify qualified collections. The pre-requisites for verification are described on the FAQ page linked above. Note that verification is not an endorsement, only a promise that the RMRK team have manually vetted the artist and their work and concluded that the work is original and exclusive.

We can be, and sometimes are, wrong.

Hide Copies

Sometimes a collection will have multiple copies of a visually identical NFT. This makes it difficult to explore the different NFTs inside of that collection. A new option: "Hide Copies" will stack clones into single elements.

The grouping attributes are: collection, instance, price. So in the below example of the Dino collection, there are sold and unsold eggs, and differently priced eggs of the same type.

This will be enabled by default in most of the views.

Bugs and Features Boards

We now have a way for you to vote for features and report bugs on Upvoty. When submitting features or bugs, please search for existing ones first and upvote or comment on those matching yours - it's far more likely that we'll fix those with most upvotes first.

New Audio Player

We updated the audio player to be a pretty waverform overlay instead of the previous simple play/pause buttons.

Note that the waveform can take up to a minute to load on very long tracks. We'll work on improving that load time.

Collection View in Space

Your Space will now contain a Collection filter, so it doesn't force you to browse through all the individual NFTs you have.


NFTs you own will now clearly identify themselves as such with a handy "Owned" tag.

Inherit Description

If an NFT is minted without a description, then the collection's description will be shown instead in the Description tab.

Internal Optimizations

Some internal optimizations in data fetching, caching, new JS packages and more allowed us to dramatically increase performance. This in turn allowed us to increase the number of NFTs shown per page to 50 🎉

Bugs fixed

  • history showed prices without commission, and sometimes failed to load entirely. Fixed now.
  • looking for all curated collections now takes you to collections, not NFTs
  • the gift address input popup used to complain when it encountered whitespace in the input. This is now trimmed and shouldn't cause problems.

Back to building now 🛠⚙

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