Singular Changelog 3

Singular Changelog 3

We know it's only been a week since the last changelog, but... we're excited to announce a few updates on Singular. Notably:

  • minor UX updates
  • collections can now have custom banners
  • collections now have stats and sale filters
  • if you have an email address defined in your profile, you will now get an email notification when an item you've listed sells
  • homepage revamp
  • profile avatars and banners

Let's look at each.

Minor UX Updates

  • the Get RMRK button will now take you to the Markets screen of CoinMarketCap

  • the ToS are now embedded in the app, not an external Google doc

  • profile setup will now tell you if you're approaching field-length limits. This is a chain-level limitation.

  • profile setup will now also allow you to clear your identity and get your KSM deposit back

  • the profile setup will now tell you about the KSM deposit needed to register your identity.

  • you can now also set a Telegram username in your profile

Custom Collection Banner

Collections can now have beautifully themed banners.

These banners should be uploaded in 3840 x 1606 in size, center-alignment optimized (as the screen resizes, we crop the sides). This makes it ideal for a composition with the collection's cover image. Ideally, important elements / text should not go beyond the 4k boundary.

Here's a template you can download.

Collection banners will not be set on mint, but can be modified subsequently because they are not on-chain. As we port RMRK 2.0 functionality over to Singular, we will keep them on chain so any UI can use them, but we will also allow modification of these elements after the fact (so mutable collection descriptions and banners are coming).

Collection Stats

You can now see at a glance the volume, floor price, top sale, owner distribution, and number of items in any given collection.

Email Notifications

If you've set your profile and have an email address defined, we will send you an email whenever an item you've listed for sale sells. The email will link to the item. This has been applied to both RMRK 2 and RMRK 1, so you'll be notified of items and birds in Kanaria as well.

Homepage Revamp

We have completely overhauled the Singular homepage. Notably, the curated section now features collections, not individual NFTs, and makes full use of custom collection banners (see above). The sections have been made vertical rather than horizontally scrolled, to make room for more content, and they're not separated by a "Top" section which indicates who the top collectors and artists (by KSM volume) are.

Profile Avatars and Banners

Similar to collections, you can now set a personal avatar and banner for your own space.

These avatars will be reflected in all views, including the new homepage "Top" section for example:

There are some key differences from collection banners, though.

You can only set your profile avatar or banner to an NFT that you own.

If you lose access to that NFT, it will no longer be shown. The information for which NFT you've chosen to store as your avatar or banner is logged alongside your identity which means that if your identity is judged, it will lose its judgement (changing any fields on an on-chain identity resets the judgement status - learn more in the wiki).

For the implementers who wish to follow us in this standard - the information is stored in an identity's additional fields: userpic and background, and the value of each is an MD5 hash of the NFT's ID. This does mean you need a database linking NFT IDs as keys to MD5 values as values, unless you want to compute this on the fly (you probably don't). RMRK will soon provide a public API endpoint for this information for ease of access, stay tuned for next changelog.

The RMRK team has created a limited edition genesis set of banners for you to purchase if you wish. Check the RMRK Profile Banners collection!

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