Singular Changelog 2

Singular Changelog 2

At RMRK, our goal is to build the absolute best NFT products and protocols in the crypto space. Singular, our flagship NFT marketplace for Kusama and Polkadot, is one such product. Below are the changes and updates we’ve made recently.

Want to help us improve faster? There is a hackathon in progress!

Homepage Revamp

We updated the Singular homepage to feature a random recently curated piece of art at the top, and to contain many more additional pieces in the newly listed and newly minted sections. This is just the start of a number of Singular overhauls, with stats, volumes, floors, and of course, RMRK 2.0 functionality on the way.

UX upgrades

  • account connection popup no longer appears on first load
  • user spaces now contain a Subscan link, for inspecting the address on a blockchain explorer, and a Sub.id link, which leads you to a profile page that recently added Kanaria support
  • mobile view now supports network switching (Statemine / RMRK). This is especially useful in the advent of more and more mobile wallets with Web3 integration.
  • bottom pagination has been added to all paginated pages
  • Statemine / Kusama network switch has been added to mobile, and will now also cause a change in chain from which balance is read. In other words, switching to Statemine shows your Statemine balance in KSM now.
  • There is a new menu on Singular NFTs which now offers additional actions like Destroy and Clone, cleaning up the UI a little. Some NFTs will also feature a Migration menu option.
  • You can now click the RMRK balance in the app's header to be taken to the tokens screen
  • You can now Get RMRK by clicking the green Get RMRK button which takes you to Kucoin's RMRK/USDT trading pair.
  • There are now filters and sorting on individual collection views, making it easier to find items for sale in a given collection


Migrating is the ability to move a RMRK 1.0 NFT to RMRK 2.0. Only some NFTs can do this for now, and this is further clarified in this post.

Onboarding flow

New users (those with 0 collection) will now be greeted with a popup leading them to our Youtube channel and the usage tutorials. This is dismissible and won't be shown again if the users discards it.

As part of this onboarding process we also added a link to the request sponsorship form to the Get KSM dialgo which lets existing traditional or crypto artists get enough KSM for a few hundred mints, to get their feet wet, freeing them from the complexity of buying KSM with fiat.

We are planning to expand this onboarding flow further as RMRK 2.0 matures into Singular.

Go ahead and test out these new features. Also, if you have any ideas or requests, feel free to reach out to us on Telegram, Discord, or Twitter.

Nested Royalties UI explained


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Singular Incident postmortem 03.09.2022

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