Remark Full Tools List

Remark Full Tools List

This is a list of all Remark useful tools, development git and bots that have been created so far. There are official tools, tools created by the community and a few tools that are currently no longer maintained but that the GitHub repos might interest someone.

If you want to report any tools, just write to me, and we will add them!


Official Documentation

This documentation portal should provide you with everything you need to get started with RMRK as a user or developer.


This repository hosts standards for creating and interacting with RMRK.app NFTs.

There are two types of standards: entities and interactions. Entities are definitions for how a collection or NFT should be declared while being minted, so that tools can recognize them as valid. Interactions are interactions between the off-chain world and the RMRK protocol, between those NFTs, and between different users and NFTs.

RMRK Tools

Typescript implementation of the RMRK spec using Substrate's system.remark extrinsics.

RMRK2 Examples

This repository showcases a collection of examples on how to use RMRK2 in it's current implementation (using system.remark exstrinsic) You can find Crowdcast demo.

RMRK Substrate



Send batch of NFTs

SubQuery Indexer for RMRK NFT Standardby Kodadot

The SubQuery Indexer is suitable for any Substrate chain which wants to parse strings into the NFTs. This readme will go through the steps to set up the SubQuery Indexer and provide some valuable hacks for ease of development. A SubQuery package defines which data The SubQuery will index from the Substrate blockchain and how it will store it.


Some of these tools are no longer maintained.

RMRKproject template by Matthew
This is a template project which is intended for use as a base project, on which your RMRK 2 Node.js NFT project can be built.

It comes bundled with a postgres database for storing NFTs, a HTTP and Websocket server for fetching/subscribing to events and storage data, and a simple "UglyGui" for exploring the database and API.

Rust-based RMRK2.0 consolidatorby Brandon Macer

It takes an unconsolidated JSON dump of RMRK2.0 transactions and converts them into a JSON object. It strives to be equivalent to rmrk-tools-consolidate.

RMRKspyBot and Rarity/Estimation toolby Victor Ryabinin

  1. Birds and items price and rarity estimation 2) Reports RMRKv1,2 sales above a certain threshold 3) Monitor cheap items and birds for sale 4) Track the statuses of NFTs

rmrk2psql parser for rmrk v1, v2, vLite dumps to PSQL by Victor Ryabinin

REMOV by KoNami Jericho, Daenure, Nethny, Ilja Hämäläinen
Our aim is to expand the capabilities of blockchain and make a secure way for transferring NFT between RMRK and MOVR blockchain.
The Bridge:

The newly created bridge REMOV will allow you to safely transfer NFT from RMRK to MOVR and backwards. You will be able to take advantages of both networks!

RMRK Twitter Botby Brandon Macer
It Tweets RMRK1.0 and RMRK2.0 sales live.

Snapshoot toolby Marco Romnao

Easy way to make a snapshot of Remark 1.0 & 2.0 The tool that takes the latest Singular consolidation dump 1.0 and 2.0 and, associating whit a search key, extracts all the addresses and info that contain the NFT kay

Rareway by MouseDAO

Analytic tools to track sale on Singular

RMRK 2.0 NFT maker (demo) by Mykolas Mankevicius
Create the RMRK 2.0 Lego NFTS with an intuative UI. So that artists can create them without needing to write code.

Remark JSON explorer by Marco Romano

Fetch in the dump V2 or V1 by using the NFT id and observes its full JSON

Kanaria Wardrobe by Mykolas Mankevicius

Allows the user to preview his, or any other bird with any available slot nfts.

KusamaGoby Gabriel Jaeger
Is a treasures hunter game on Telegram.
Users customise NFTs, print out QR Codes to stick in their neighbourhoods -> these are the treasures. The QR codes act as passwords that when scanned with the telegram bot, mint the treasure’s NFT into the finders wallet -> these are the rewards.

Kanaria RArity MEteR by Yury Yanovich, Osoi Otoko, Yash Madhwal

KRAMER is a rarity meter for the Kanaria collection. KRAMER takes birds' individual traits, their sets, and edition and fits their combination to trade data. We've written an article on Medium about the score computation and its intuition.

BirdWatchingBot by Marco Romano, Alberto Rotondo

The BOTs takes live events from Kanaria and Singular to track LIST and BUY. You can set it by an easy menu to generate customized feeds.

Move RMRK Specs by Alejandro Pinto

RMRK 1.0 NFT implementation in Move Language for compatibility with the Pontem Network Parachains on Kusama and Polkadot. Not all interactions of RMKR 2.0 are enabled, but the team will continue translating the Base entity, and the following interactions: accept, base, equip and equippable. This was an MVP to continue iterating on to offer the full capabilities of RMKR to Pontem Network developers.

BASE CODE OG - Offline Generator for RMRK2 BASE-Codesby Tricky-NFTs

A simple program to help creating a base for RMRK2 NFTs.
Requirements: If you're using the python code TNA.ico needs to be placed in the same directory as BaseCodeOG.py. A basic understanding of how RMRK2 NFTs are created for the right input. The program does NOT check whether the input is correct and only checks if there is input at all in the required fields.

If you want to report any tools, just write to me, and we will add them!

The Subsocial Spacers Have Been Minted!

Yung Beef 4.2

Prepare For Launch: An Update On The Spacers NFT Mint

Prepare For Launch: An Update On The Spacers NFT Mint

Hello again Spacers! We know it has been quiet the last few months, and we appreciate your patience and understanding. While most of the preparations

Yung Beef 4.2

October 2022 In Review

October 2022 In Review

October saw a heavy focus on developers and the Spacers NFT collection. We announced our participation in two hackathons, and released our developer p

Yung Beef 4.2

The Spacer Fleet Arrives Soon!

The Spacer Fleet Arrives Soon!

INCOMING TRANSMISSION : “Admiral, we are two weeks out from Terra. The slingshot around Ares saved us three and a half weeks of flight time. The fleet

Yung Beef 4.2