RedStone Expedition - Earn Gems for Airdrop

RedStone Expedition - Earn Gems for Airdrop

@redstone_defi brings to you

✨ Guaranteed Rewards

✨ RSG Points

✨ Myriad Activities

Welcome to the #RedStoneExpedition Season 1

Curious about the Expedition? 🧐🔍 Dive in 🧵


Quick Intro


- A reliable Oracle providing regularly updated & diverse data feeds for dApps and smart contracts across various L1s & L2s

- Trusted by @MorphoLabs @ether_fi @VenusProtocol @Sommfinance @pendle_fi

- Leader in LST & LRT

- Know more https://docs.redstone.finance/docs/introduction


1/ Season 1

- Packed with challenges and innovations

- Open to all

- Substantial rewards

2/ RSG points

- Red Stone Gems

- Key to unlocking rewards

- Serve as a universal metric to gauge users' level of engagement


3/ How to Earn

- Engage in a plethora of activities

- Check them out below 👇


4/ Finer details

I. On-Chain Tasks

- Most rewarding opportunity of all

- Complete special campaigns with RedStone's Partners for hefty rewards

II. Galxe Quests

- Earn special OATs/NFTs tradable for RSG points upon completion of event


III. Content Creation

- Get rewarded for your creativity

- Join Discord activities and earn RSG for your contributions

IV. Ambassadorship

- Become a RedStone ambassador

- Aim for Vein Master Ambassador level and above for extra rewards


V. Community Engagement

- Stay active in the RedStone community (calls/server games/discussions)

VI. Special Boosts

- Boost your earnings with point multipliers linked to specific Discord roles

- The multipliers apply to on-chain tasks and Discord activities


Now that you know how to earn, let's move on to how to start

also, you can keep track of your progress with the Expedition Tracker dashboard



8/ Join the adventure

- Link your EVM wallet to the bot on the Discord server

- Join in with the /linkwallet command on the Warpy channel

And don't forget to join the Galxe campaign to mark the beginning of this Season

Claim your NFT https://galxe.com/RedStone/campaign/GCVHytTYvb

9/ Important links

Discord discord.gg/redstonedefi



Twitter https://twitter.com/redstone%5Fdefi

Telegram https://t.me/redstonefinance/

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RedStone Expedition - Earn Gems for Airdrop

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