Realizing a Vision: Singular 2.0 Roadmap

Realizing a Vision: Singular 2.0 Roadmap

Have you ever wondered what could be possible with NFTs? Do you love profile picture-based NFTs, but wonder about how NFTs themselves can actually be useful? Are you amazed by the growth of Ethereum’s community and wonder what’s next? Welcome to RMRK (“remark”), a forward-thinking NFT platform that utilizes NFT “legos” to allow for use cases unknown to current NFT models.

Imagine an NFT that can change according to how others react to it, be natively rendered in multiple metaverses, own other NFTs, and even be able to generate tokens as a DAO. This is all possible with RMRK’s cutting-edge technology dubbed RMRK 2.0. This tech is currently on display with Kanaria, RMRK’s flagship product. If the promise of this revolutionary technology wasn’t enough, RMRK 3.0 wraps all this innovation into smart contracts which will allow these next-generation NFTs to be unleashed into the greater Web3 world. The hinge-point of this technology is Singular: the smooth, intuitive, and slick NFT marketplace from RMRK. Here we present a concise roadmap of 2022 developments needed to launch the marketplace on Moonriver, the leading EVM+ chain on Kusama.

Q1 2022

RMRK 2.0 functionality will be available for more than just Kanarias by the end of the first quarter this year on Singular 1.0. This unleashes the creativity of the community and opens the doors for further innovation on how RMRK legos can be used. We expect this phase to result in more fine-tuning of the technology. Known projects that will be using RMRK 2.0 technology include Tricky NFT, Exosama and of course Kanaria. More and more projects are positioning themselves to become RMRK 2.0 compatible. If you are an artist and interested in migrating your collection, rest easy. We will provide detailed guides on how to migrate your collection when the broader transition of Singular 1.0 to Singular 2.0 is complete. Expect the multi-resource lego to be implemented first with equippables coming soon. Learn more about RMRK’s “legos” here.

Another significant update for RMRK during Q1:

  • Land sale for Kanaria Skybreach, the RMRK metaverse on Moonriver

Q2 2022

Beta testing of RMRK 3.0 smart contracts on Moonriver’s EVM+ platform. As these legos are being wrapped into smart contracts, testing of the functionality is needed to assure the smoothest release possible. With this development “composable” music NFTs will be ready, realizing ideas such as a virtual studio with multiple collaborators contributing to one NFT and reaping the rewards of their work.

“Composable” simply means you are able to make your NFT look how you want. If one of your NFTs has a feature want to place on another in your collection — no problem with RMRK 3.0. Gift some shades to your friend on the seamless Singular platform, switch your hair or weapon, or give them some background music when someone views your NFT. Imagine taking a Bored Ape’s hat and putting it on a CryptoPunk. The options are nearly endless. Take Neon Crisis, one of the first play-and-earn NFT projects using RMRK 3.0 on Moonriver, as an example.

Take a minute to check out this clean UI on equipping NFTs

Q3 2022

Moonbeam and Moonriver Partner with RMRK

During Q3, we expect the full launch of Singular 2.0 onto Moonriver. This launch will bring all the beauty of Singular 1.0 and many exciting features known to the broader NFT community onto Singular 2.0:

  • MetaMask Integration
  • Auctions (Dutch and English expected)
  • Bidding and Offers

Also, keep your eyes out for composable 3D NFTs during this quarter. To keep an eye out for these bits of alpha, follow RMRK on Twitter.

Q4 2022

Kanaria Skybreach

Now for the grand finale, the release of Kanaria Skybreach metaverse. To allow for broad functionality and a more rich experience, the RMRK team opted to go for a different approach to the metaverse (Surprised? Me either). Both pixelated and 3D metaverses are just not exactly what we want them to be yet and virtual reality still has a lot of room to grow. RMRK’s approach is to build in the technology for their NFTs to evolve and capitalize on a market that is already massive — mobile gaming. This game should be just as easy to join and leave while waiting for a bus as it is to dive in to while on the couch or behind a computer. Think Habbo Hotel, Westward and Eastward

Habbo Hotel

The incredible reality of RMRK 2.0 and soon to be 3.0 is that the Habbo Hotel-type metaverse isn’t the end of the story. These NFTs can be rendered in multiple metaverses such as Bit.Country’s 3D metaverse, Moonsama’s minecraft wonder and many more to come.

Interested in getting involved now? Welcome! Learn more about the current version of Singular and how to mint NFTs using the RMRK standard. Still on the fence? Here are 5 straightforward yet compelling reasons to mint NFTs on Singular. Here is a guide on how to mint on Singular 1.0. The RMRK and greater Kusama communities share the core ideas of interoperability and growth. Feel free to contact the team to learn more and get involved.

Contact the Team: Business Development: bd@rmrk.app Marketing offers: marcomms@rmrk.app

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