RMRK GraphQL Server

RMRK GraphQL Server

The RMRK team is happy to announce beta availability of the GraphQL server for RMRK NFTs. This will make it possible to build Telegram bots, Twitter bots, notification streams, NFT block explorers for RMRK, and much more. The RMRK Association is committed to maintaining this infrastructure in perpetuity, to be given to interested teams for free (manual contact in Telegram until we open general availability).

The first proof of concept implementation has just been released on Kanaria, our NFT ICO Launchpad and fundraiser platform.

You can now click on the notification bell while logged in with a wallet:

Note that the bell will only show up if someone emoted on your eggs. If you've had no notifications, the bell will not be visible.

This will show you all activity on your eggs, making it easy to reciprocate!

We hope you enjoy this new feature - let us know if you run into bugs!

RMRK GraphQL Server