RMRK Events: July

RMRK Events: July

The Hou-ou festival might have ended but our live events continue. Throughout June we managed to bring the community together by hosting AMA’s and egg hunts. Based on everyone’s feedback, we will host live events in EchoBubbles during the month for the purpose of growing our digital family.

This months’ focus will be on the artists of Singular. Until the end of the month artists will have takeovers, presentations, Q&A’s and events within an Echobubbels RMRK gallery.

Through participation at live events the community can engage with artists and find out more about their workflow, stories, inspirations and much more. We aim to straighten the bond between creators, collectors and community members.


17.07 Gallery Opening + Shiba Tales Night 7PM | CET Our first takeover is by Shiba Tales, two artists who merge traditional, digital, and the performing arts by creating educational and fun dance animations with Shiba Inus. The married couple’s aim is to fuse 3D and 2D animation together with the collaborative decisions of a decentralized crypto community. Just to add a special touch to the event, guests will be able to join in using Shiba Tales avatars.

Event structure:

First 10 mins Joining in

30 mins live stream and/or presentation

20 mins Artist Q&A

30 mins Networking

Further Events

23.07 XyloDrone Presentation 31.07 or 1.08 Edvid


Open: 30-40 guests, first come, first serve via this form.

RMRK Events: July