Promoteam and Kanaria

Promoteam and Kanaria

Kanaria is announcing an official partnership with Promoteam!

Today, during a 2-hour window starting at 4pm UTC+0, anyone who CLAIMS an egg by following Promoteam's link (https://kanaria.rmrk.app?ref=promoteam) will get a special additional cosmetic prop on their bird once it hatches.

We have not yet decided what this prop will look like - we're going to work with artists to come up with something cool, but here's what we do know:

This prop will:

  • be tradeable
  • change the appearance of your bird if equipped
  • rare, only during this event and never again
  • placed into the bird's "backpack" so you can equip it if you wish
  • have three different versions: Limited, Rare, and Legendary. Which one you get depends entirely on which bird you get - Limited Edition eggs will get you a Limited Promoteam prop, Rare birds will get you a Rare prop, and Founder birds get a Legendary Promoteam prop.

This prop will not:

  • have any specific platform bonuses, unless a dapp team or Promoteam implements this into their platform or offerings
  • be minted ever again, this is a one-time event

On the off chance your KYC does not complete successfully before you manage to get an egg in those 2 hours of time, let us know via any official channel and we'll take this into consideration and award you the prop regardless. The KYC must have been initiated on April 20th up until 4pm UTC - we will manually check the KYC session start times.

Promoteam and Kanaria