On free txs for trusted accounts

On free txs for trusted accounts

Accounts could have trust levels on Subsocial:

  1. User solved the captcha
  2. User verified email
  3. User verified discord (where they have email + phone)
  4. User has verified Polkadot acc
  5. User has verified Kusama acc ...

The higher the trust level, the more free txs per 24h a user should have. For example, with the lowest trust level, an account should have, let's say, five free txs per day.

  • at the trust level 2 = 10 txs / day
  • at the trust level 3 = 15 txs / day
  • and so on

I'm thinking about a trust level as an access token. Staked amount of native tokens gives an account the highest priority for free txs.

Consider these examples:

  1. Alice has trust level 3 and has no tokens locked. Then Alice can have 15 free txs per day.

  2. Bob has no trust level; they confirmed nothing but locked an equivalent of $5 in native tokens. Then Bob can have 20 free txs per day.

On free txs for trusted accounts