October 2023 In Review

October 2023 In Review

October was a huge month for Subsocial, with the awesome launch of Creator Staking!

Rather than the usual chronological order, let’s take a look at October’s biggest announcements first.

Creator Staking Beta

Released towards the end of the month, we’ve already seen 20 million SUB staked towards creators!

Creator Staking allows token holders to stake towards creators of content, communities, and applications, rewarding both parties. Stakers receive the same rewards regardless of who they stake to, making it an incentivized vote, which helps the network curate creators. The system effectively aligns incentivizes for all network participants, boosting network activity and growth.

During the initial beta phase, we have onboarded ten creators from the ecosystem. We held a space where they should share about themselves and why users should stake towards them, as well as publishing a thread highlighting each of them individually.

Subsocial Usernames Upgrade

Subsocial’s username system received a major overhaul, reducing the minimum length of usernames, increasing revenue for the chain, allowing DOT holders to acquire usernames, and more!

ITC.ua Case Study

We teamed up with ITC.ua, an IT news site that receives ~7 million monthly views, to see if Web2 users can use Grill.chat. Members of the ITC community onboarded seamlessly, showing us just how smooth Grill’s UX is!

Sub.ID Developments

Work continues on Sub.ID following the funding of Batch 2 of our Polkadot treasury proposal for Sub.ID development. We published an update on the latest features, including a token-centric balances view, Grill.chat integration, and the re-enablement of cross-chain transfers.

The #StakeDOT campaign took off due to the first round of Polkadot crowdloans unlocking, and we took part, reminding everyone that they can stake on Sub.ID.

Twitter/X Spaces

Subsocial was featured in a number of spaces last month:

  • Yung Beef, content lead for Subsocial, spoke with The Next Block about Subsocial
  • He also attended episode #4 of BlockTalk with over 15,000 visitors tuning in!
  • Subsocial held a joint space with Astar to talk about Dapp Staking and Creator Staking, the background of both systems, and their futures
  • Dotcast released an interview with Subsocial’s founder Alex Siman that took place during Polkadot Decoded
  • Yung Beef spoke about Creator Staking in October’s Polkadot Community Call, and mentioned us opening an HRMP channel with HydraDX on the testnet

Integrating Grill.chat Into Mirror.xyz

One of our developers published an article on Mirror showcasing how to easily embed a Grill window right into an article, allowing creators to receive feedback from their readers and engage with their community.

October was awesome, with lots of exposure outside of Polkadot, and the epic launch of Creator Staking! We’re expecting to have an awesome November as well, but in the meantime, we’ll see you on-chain!

Subsocial's New Block Explorer!

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