November 2023 In Review

November 2023 In Review

With token transfers being enabled and SUB becoming available to the public, November was perhaps the biggest month of 2023 for Subsocial! Following October which saw the release of Creator Staking, Q4 is shaping up to be a really great season.

Let’s take a quick look back at our achievements and important news from November!

Connection With HydraDX

HydraDX Referenda #89 launched on November 10th, proposing to open an HRMP channel with Subsocial. It passed and was executed on November 14th.

HRMP channels allow Polkadot parachains to communicate, and this channel allows tokens to be transferred between Subsocial and HydraDX. Following the confirmation that the channel had opened successfully, it was announced that SUB token transfers would be enabled on November 29th at 1PM UTC.

Enabling SUB Transfers

The transfer event took place as scheduled, and SUB became available on HydraDX, allowing members of the public to get SUB tokens.

SUB tokens enable new community members to participate in Creator Staking, register a Subsocial Username to establish an identity, generate energy to have lower transaction fees, and get started creating content on PolkaVerse!

Introducing FanFair

Subsocial’s founder Alex teased FanFair, an upcoming “super app” that will combine all the best parts of Subsocial into one awesome interface.

3X Boost For 2022 Public Sale Participants

As a thank you, all participants of Subsocial’s public sale in 2022 just received an extra three tokens for every one that they bought, subject to a three month vesting period. Check out the full announcement for instructions on how to claim vested tokens.

Subsocial’s Website Was Updated

The landing page for Subsocial saw a refresh in order to better showcase everything that Subsocial has to offer. Learn about Creator Staking, FanFair, Grill.chat, and more, along with highlights about the SUB token and how you can get started building on Subsocial today.

Grill.chat Updates - Polkadot Wallets & Off-Chain Posting

An update was pushed to Grill.chat adding log-in support for Polkadot wallets!

Logging in with a Polkadot wallet allows you to display various identities on Grill, including Subsocial Usernames or KILT w3ns!

Grill received another update, this time experimental. Off-chain posting lets you send messages faster, and immediately interact with them (react, reply, etc.). You can test it out here.

Reviewing June’s Roadmap Update

Subsocial’s roadmap was updated in June, and in the middle of November a roadmap review was released, looking back at main highlighted topics, and a few extra achievements from that time period.

A longer post for Subsocial’s 2024 roadmap will be published in the near future.

A New Registered Creator

Rounding out the month, Subsocial’s Creator Staking system onboarded a new creator, MAD Cripto. If you haven’t staked yet, now is the best time to start!

Some important protocol upgrades are on the way, but in the meantime, we’ll see you on-chain!

Subsocial's New Block Explorer!

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