November 2021 In Review

November 2021 In Review

Dotsama Token Claim: Round 4

At the beginning of November, we finished up The Dotsama Token Claim with our final round. In total, across all four rounds, we gave away 1,000,000 SUB - 1% of the entire supply - to 10,000 accounts. Our primary goal with the token claim was to increase our token distribution to grow our community and the possible userbase of Subsocial.

Improvements to Sub.ID

Last month, we continued to improve Sub.ID. The biggest change was the addition of a Polkadot crowdloans section. Any crowdloans that have referrals will have a referral link embedded in the Contribute button on Sub.ID, to make sure that you never miss out on referral bonuses.

We also added a few more projects - Altair, Calamari, KILT, Nodle, and Darwinia. Extra detailed information for the Karura chain was added as well, so you can now see all of your balances on that chain, including any BNC tokens.

They Always Ask Wen, But Never Why

Before we launched our crowdloan, we put out an article about why Subsocial should be a parachain. The majority of it focuses on some possible integrations that Subsocial could achieve with other parachain projects, showcasing the interoperability of Kusama.

Subsocial Crowdloan I

In the beginning, the crowdloan opened late.

We had originally planned to migrate the betanet to a parachain. However, this cause significant technical delays, and in the end we decided to take a different route, described in the next section.

In the end, we opened too late, and could not compete with Genshiro's supermegabonus reward extravaganza. However, due to some forward thinking on our part, our crowdloan ended earlier than any of the remaining competitors…

"I'm different, yeah I'm different" - 2 Chainz

After punting the idea of migrating the betanet to a parachain, we needed another solution.

Now, we will be relaunching the betanet to a standalone chain, with a full set of validators. We will also be launching a parachain, tentatively named SubsocialX. Therefore, we will have 2 chains, connected by a bridge, sharing the same 100m SUB tokens. SubsocialX will be used for integrations with other parachains, and social finance, while the standalone Subsocial chain will be used for social networking, as it will perform better. However, our web app will support both parachains, so it will not make much of a difference which chain you use.

Subsocial Crowdloan II

Due to our previous crowdloan ending early, we were able to open our current crowdloan before anyone else, and established a massive lead of ~50,000 KSM before any other crowdloans even opened. Our early lead led to our crowdloan hitting the cap just 2 days after the candle started burning. We fully expect to win the first auction.

Crowdloan Rewards

A full breakdown of our crowdloan rewards can be found in this article. Additionally, there are a few NFT bonuses tied to our crowdloan as well. Every contributor in our current and previous crowdloan will receive an NFT. Anyone that contributed to our current crowdloan before the auction started will be eligible to win one of five Kittynauts, or a Kitty, made by Yumi, and all contributions over 5KSM that are made using Unique's referral code will be eligible to win one of ten Chelobricks.  There may be even more surprises…

Marketing Season

Alex Siman and Yung Beef were quite busy last month spreading the word about Subsocial. They talked about the metaverse with CoinMarketCap, talked with BiFrost about SALP, and had in-depth discussions about Subsocial with KryptosChain, and MAD. Alex also recently had a lengthy discussion with Slezi Satoshi about Subsocial.

Telegram Bot For Sub.ID

We have created a Telegram bot that has some Sub.ID functionality! Using @sub_id_bot you will be able to check your contributions to Polkadot and Kusama crowdloans, as well as view currently active crowdloans.

Get To Know Subsocial's Advisors

Halfway through November, we began a short series interviewing Subsocial's advisors. So far, we have interviewed Edward Thomson and JAM. Samuel Häfner and Bruno Škvorc are expected to be interviewed in December.


Finally, we set up a space on Subsocial to host Reddit-style AMAs for members of the community and Dotsama projects. Our first guest was Bill Laboon, the Director of Education and Community at the Web 3 Foundation, followed by our second guest, NFT artist Moon-Bearer. We've got quite the list of other notable folks who are interested, so stay tuned.

We will be able to launch our parachain at the start of lease period 18, on January 8th. We will be putting out a launch roadmap next week covering the steps we will need to take between launch and distributing tokens. Thank you for your crowdloan contributions, and thank you for riding with us on this journey to success!

Subsocial's New Block Explorer!

Yung Beef 4.2

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