Launch Plan: Unique Network is Going Live on Polkadot!

Launch Plan: Unique Network is Going Live on Polkadot!

Following our crowdloan win back in April, it’s finally time to share next steps for our token generation event and full deployment on Polkadot.

2022 has already seen significant achievements for our blockchain and community—most notably, a crowdloan auction win for a parachain on Polkadot and “Diamonds in the Rough,” our token event for the community. In April, we published a crowdloan recap blog, which outlined the next steps following the win, which will lead to our full deployment on slot #14 of their network with a lease from 4th June 2022 to 8th April 2023. See below for the full schedule of events!

Week 1 June, 2022. Polkadot Parachain Onboarding

In the first week of June, we will proceed with Polkadot parachain onboarding, joining other winners of the third batch from the ecosystem. During this time, every parachain that won the slot in this batch (between April and the current day) is onboarded, which means they are given the right to produce blocks.

Week 2 June, 2022. Forkless Upgrade

A forkless upgrade, one of the unique (no pun intended) benefits of Polkadot infrastructure, are for adding or removing features and fixing bugs. This is like a software update, but in most cases it saves previous features/updates because of the permanent nature of the blockchain.

This particular update will add the feature set v921000 that is currently available in Quartz. This includes pivotal features such as:

  • Update from polkadot v0.9.21 from v0.9.17

  • Sponsoring improvements for EVM

  • Support of ERC-165

Week 2-3 June, 2022. Reserve Collection IDs 1, 2, 3

Unique will reserve three collection IDs so that we can bridge NFTs back and forth between Quartz and Unique in the future. These collections include:

1 = Substrapunks

2 = Chelobricks

3 = Ambassadors

Week 1 July 2022. TGE (Token Generating Event)

During the first week of July, we will proceed with our long-awaited Token Generating Event. We will be enabling Unique Wallet, Minter, Scanner, and Marketplace to support Unique around the TGE time. Tokens will be locked as per your investment contract or agreement.

TBD July 2022

After our TGE we will:

  • Fully deploy UniqueWallet + Minter, Scanner, Marketplace. NFTs can now be bought and sold by DOT and UNQ.

  • Update Documentation (new endpoints, new features)

  • Distribute / lock UNQ

  • Announce marketing and website updates.

Week 1 October, 2022

During this time, we will deploy a Substrate <> Unique Bridge POC. This bridge will be solely designed to trustlessly transfer NFTs and other valuables between two networks: Unique and Quartz.

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