Kanaria: Timeline information

Kanaria: Timeline information

With several new powerful collaborations like Acala, Phala, Bit.country, Zeitgeist, and those you knew about like Unique, Unifty, and Moonbeam, the RMRK team have their hands full with implementing a wide range of versatile NFT standards for all these new platforms.

This is good, because a wider array of use cases lets us generalize more and develop truly unstoppable art legos.

However, this is also why we need more time and would prefer not to rush things - we want to give you the best set of standards we can, because these standards are now all of a sudden poised to be the industry standard across the entire Polkadot ecosystem. This is exciting and terrifying, and needs to be done right.

With that in mind, we've decided to change the dates slightly. Here's a new timeline:

  • May 31st, seed sale ends as planned
  • June 1st, the Hou-ou festival begins: each day, a few unclaimed eggs will be burned. By the end of June, all unclaimed eggs will have been burned. You can still claim them during June, and P2P trading will work as usual! Some unburned eggs will be given away to the best egg-burning memes during this Hou-ou festival.
  • June and July: hatching period. You can initiate hatching at any time during June and July. Your egg will start cracking and reveal a bird some time in July. As long as you initiate hatching in June or July, your bird is safe.
  • EMOTES - you will be able to keep collecting emotes all throughout June to influence your generated bird's look! This extension was also in large part done to keep people who are in trouble with COVID, or on vacation, or at work, or just lost in DeFi from losing their expensive eggs. However, the Top 25 emoted eggs contest uses May 31st as its snapshot for measuring which eggs are most emoted. The custom art will use those numbers as a reference, and not the emotes gathered afterwards!
  • ⚠ 🚨 July 1st, noon CET - new date of Fairdrop Snapshot!

We're sorry about a slighy delay having to be introduced, but we truly want to give you something that'll make you think all other NFT protocols and platforms are stuck in the stone age.

We want to support all the chains and develop the one standard to rule them all. We couldn't have come this far without your help, dear community, and we're asking for your patience juuuuust a little bit longer.


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How to understad RMRK2 NFTs? Why not just test them?!

How to understad RMRK2 NFTs? Why not just test them?!

The setup of RMRK2 allows for soulbond, nested and even equippable v2NFTs. And much more. The v2NFTs or v2NFT-Sets can be easy to understand or pretty

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Singular Incident postmortem 03.09.2022

Singular Incident postmortem 03.09.2022

On 02.09.2022 we had to stop sales on Singular NFT marketplace for 24 hours due to a series of events described below. To explain to you what happened

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Switch to 2.0 - Why you should do it ASAP

Switch to 2.0 - Why you should do it ASAP

Hi Donkey Gang Finally the collection has successfully switched to the Rmrk2.0 protocol! We are very happy with this and the many compliments receive