Kanaria: Full Release

Kanaria: Full Release

The RMRK team is proud to announce the public release of the first RMRK 2.0 collection.

This also marks the release of the most advanced NFTs in the world, and the immediate availability of trading on the Kanaria item and bird catalog.

Soft Launch

Last week, we stealthily launched the birds and items in full, allowing anyone to hatch their birds (actually get them out of their shells). This allowed every egg owner to open the egg and reveal the bird and all of the NFT the bird owns.

Please note that on-chain this info is already visible, and there's no randomness / booster pack logic applied. This is just a cover animation that makes revealing fun. Selling a bird that is "unopened" this way does not mean the contents are secret.

Since the beginning of September, bird owners have been able to equip and unequip items on their birds:

... and it has also been possible to set a secondary resource as a priority for those birds that have secondary art. This lead to a beautifully diverse set.

We look forward to letting you discover all the wonderful founder art our artists have produced as more birds are revealed!

Trading Launch

As promised, we launched trading. This means that starting Sept 6th, you could list your birds and/or items for sale on Kanaria.rmrk.app.

The following caveats are worth keeping in mind:

  • gems are non-transferable. Think of them as "soulbound" to the bird.

  • selling a bird will also sell all of its child items. This includes non-transferable gems, they can travel with the bird they belong to (2).

  • to send an item from a bird's inventory into your main inventory, click the "Move to Nest" button on an item (3).

  • to send an item you have into a bird, click the "Add To" button (1) and then start typing into the "Bird Serial Number" box (2) to get a list of birds you can send this to:

Think of your Nest as your general inventory. Inside that inventory you have birds and items. Birds can also contain items, i.e. every bird also has its own inventory. Items can be in the birds, or in your inventory, but you can only sell them if they're in your inventory or if they're in a bird that is not for sale itself.

Listing a bird that has its items listed for sale will cancel the listings of those items. Listing an item that belongs to a parent that's for sale is not possible and will fail, per RMRK specification.

Partners and Referral Birds?

What about partners and referral birds?

Your referrals will be visible on the bird cards in the catalogue:

... or in the details of a bird:

This mark indicates that this bird is eligible to recieve a partner item, but HAS NOT received one yet. Once it does, this item will be in the bird's inventory like any other item, and this icon will disappear from the bird.

So when are these items coming?

We're talking to all our partners about minting them, and helping them get it out the door, but as you can imagine most of them are busy launching, crowdloaning, etc. We will issue updates here on the blog, and in the announcement channel, and on Twitter, and in the newsletter whenever one of the items has been distributed.


All birds have been hatched with the maximum number of gems available. That is, super late hatches might be penalized to the max, and have 0 gems, and 0 gem slots. This means they will never be able to equip gems and traits.

Others will have the number of gem slots matching their rarity level (for Limited Edition eggs this was 3 slots), but potentially also penalized if hatching late.

All birds that have healthy gem slots also have the same number of gems in their inventory.

So when you're looking at birds on the marketplace, if you see some gems "empty", like in the image below, that does not mean this bird only has 1 gem. It means it only has 1 gem equipped, but the other 2 are in its inventory. Inspect it to learn more.

Tip: to prevent your bird from appearing less valuable than other birds, it is recommended you equip all the gems you have, by going into the inventory, selecting a gem and a slot to equip into, and saving.

What's Next?

In the immediate future, we'll release:

  • drastic improvements to inventory UX based on user feedback.
  • add stats like sale volume, floor info, and more. This will go onto the (currently very basic) sales page.
  • monitor RMRK 2.0 features on Kanaria and port over to Singular whatever graduates on Kanaria. Kanaria is, in many ways, the "Kusama" for Singular - we're using it to test RMRK 2.0 in production.

In parallel, we're planning:

  • a hackathon in October to incentivize creation of helper tools and an ecosystem around Kanaria.
  • a detailed post on how gems work, when they become active, and how to use them.
  • a rewrite of RMRK logic as both pallets and smart contracts, giving users the option of using something like Moonriver, or something like a parachain that will integrate our pallets.
  • a metaverse project around Kanaria birds.

More info on all of these coming throughout September. Stay tuned and follow us on the blog, the newsletter, the announcement channel, or twitter.

Live Demo

Everything above is also being demonstrated live during this crowdcast, and will be multi-streamed to RMRK's Youtube channel! Subscribe to either be kept up to date!


the best metaverse

the best metaverse

my name is joad and i love the ecosystem. build on it and be history in the future @rmrkapp

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