Kanaria Tamago 2: The Public Claim Era

Kanaria Tamago 2: The Public Claim Era

On April 4th, around 10pm CET, we intend to allow everyone to claim Kanaria eggs, removing the manual vetting process. Things have gotten considerably more complicated since our Tamago 1 launch, so this post serves to clarify some things.

The TLDR is:

  • Tamago 1 ends on Sunday morning, around ~7am CET.
  • punkdrop next week
  • only accredited investors from USA
  • everyone has to go through KYC
  • the cost to claim is doubling from Kanaria Tamago 1, which means Limited Edition at 2KSM, Rare at 20KSM, and Founder eggs at 100KSM, no per-account limits
  • we will open the ability for anyone to list their egg and buy other people's listed eggs one or two weeks after April 4th, once sufficiently tested

Let's explain each part.


The punkdrop has occured.


Human laws are absolutely idiotic. Even though this is not a sale, but a donation for which you get some art in return, we still had to think ahead and be paranoid in terms of legalities purely because we want to keep us (and you!) safe from regulatory bother.

With that in mind, we implemented KYC via Synaps, a well known KYC provider. if you are not comfortable with going through KYC, we encourage you to wait for the community marketplace which will be open to everyone.

The KYC is only required for those who want to participate in the public claim. Those who claimed in Tamago 1 avoided this.

For information how to pass KYC, see this video.

Accredited Investors

Because the SEC lives somewhere in 1773, we cannot allow US citizens to claim eggs, otherwise the World Police™ will come for us.

US citizens will be met with the following barriers:

  • US IP addresses cannot Claim, but will be able to interact with site and send EMOTEs.
  • US IP addresses which click the Claim button will get an explanation of why the functionality is unavailable to them.
  • KYC process will reject US-based citizens.

We are very sorry we have to subject you to this abuse, but until USA joins the rest of us in the 21st century, there's little we can do while still keeping everyone involved safe.

If you are an accredited investor, you are NOT prevented from participating, so please get in touch in that case.

Note that once P2P trading begins, there will be no limits who you can buy from, so try and find a KYC-ed "dealer" if you're from the US.

Cost and Limits

The cost to claim is double that of the pre-claim round:

  • 100 KSM for Founder eggs
  • 20 KSM for Rare eggs
  • 2 KSM for Limited Edition

There are no per-account limits any more, you can claim as many as you wish. you can race people using the UI, you can write a script, or you can get in touch about bulk purchases and we'll help you process them.

Community Marketplace

After we're sure the claiming functionality works as intended (it is effectively selling from a single account), we will release functionality which lets anyone list their egg for sale and buy those listed from them. This is expected to happen around April 18th.

We are doing this slow rollout because by allowing only a single account to sell in the beginning (ours) we are able to easily refund any mistakes that can happen.

Best of luck to all, see you on the other side!

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