Kanaria DAO: Proposal 1 results

Kanaria DAO: Proposal 1 results

The first DAO on Kusama (excluding Kusama itself and Kappa Sigma Mu) has successfully voted on its first proposal: reducing the number of required hatchling 🐣 emoji to make an egg viable for hatching.

17% of all egg holders showed up to vote, with a total of almost 30% of all claimed eggs. This shows us two things:

  1. This is one of the biggest turnouts in the history of blockchain, very few DAOs have such an engagement on such short notice.
  2. 83% egg holders are not regulars, which may mean they might be unaware that they'll need to interact with the eggs in a 2-week timespan to hatch them 😬

The Result

The community has voted to reduce the number of hatchlings needed to hatch an egg from 10 to 3. Those who already have more than 3 will get a boost from the extra 7+ in that the hatchlings will serve as probability modifiers for their other emoji.

This result also brings the following timeline changes:

  • you can collect emotes until June 30th
  • your birds should hatch by June 30th with their dual art, if qualified

What does this mean?

The top 99 eggs by serial number (Super + Founder eggs) will get dual art, along with the top 40 most emoted eggs.

To keep things consistent, the emotes will have an effect until June 30th as opposed to May 17th as previously planned. The artists will start drawing the custom bird art as soon as eggs hatching function has been initiated, and some birds might get their art later, depending on how punctual our artists will be.

All the custom art will be separately commissioned and paid for by RMRK, but all the artists are busy and creatively chaotic people, so we can't guarantee with 100% certainty by which date a certain bird's custom art will arrive. It's definitely happening in June, but we don't want to promise anything as this depends on 140 different people's punctuality 😳

In any case, don't panic if it's a little late - it'll be worth it.

How to Hatch

So, to summarize, to hatch your egg into a bird, you will need to:

  • collect 3 x 🐣 before end of June.
  • click the "hatch" button in your nest.
  • when you hatch, the egg will start cracking and once it cracks your bird will show up in your nest.

Onwards and upwards, eggdopters!


the best metaverse

the best metaverse

my name is joad and i love the ecosystem. build on it and be history in the future @rmrkapp

Skybreach Land Sale is HERE!

Skybreach Land Sale is HERE!

Skybreach Land Sale is finally here! Patiently waiting for the Kanaria phase … 4 days and counting! I’ll take one of those, and one of those, and one


Skybreach wiki was updated. Information about Land sale was added. Check it out: https://rmrk.gitbook.io/kanaria-skybreach/fundamentals/land/land-sale

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