January 2022 In Review

January 2022 In Review

We thought January felt kind of quiet, but on review, it was just like any other month. Lots of work has been going on under the hood in preparation for our full launch, which will be here soon.

Subsocial's User Base Has Grown

We had a few more notable projects join Subsocial last month, including RomeDAO, Invarch, Nodle, and Moonsama. Multiple contributors to WagMedia have also joined, which can be found here.

A Bit Of An Early Distribution

On January 5th, we distributed 3 SUB tokens to everyone who participated in our crowdloan. These tokens were taken from the crowdloan rewards, which has decreased the amount of rewards that will be distributed once the full distribution happens, but the total reward amount was not affected. We wanted to give our community the opportunity to use Subsocial while we finish working on launching our parachain.

Mobile Subsocial

Both Nova Wallet and Math Wallet have added in-app support for Dotsama applications, including Subsocial. Previously we could only read Subsocial content from mobile, but now we can interact as well. Mobile access to social networks is huge, and we are very thankful that Nova Wallet and Math Wallet have solved this problem for us.

If you are not familiar with using mobile wallets, check out our tutorial on how to use Subsocial on Nova Wallet. The experience is great, and we will continue to improve the mobile version of our site!

Life On The Relay Chain

On January 8th, Subsocial's parachain got onboarded to the Kusama Relay Chain. It has been producing blocks (with one minor hiccup), and we are working on getting everything primed for the token distribution. 👀

The SubBanner SubContest

On New Year's Eve, we launched a SubContest, aiming to crowdsource the best ideas possible for what utility we can add to SubBanners. The community contributed with tons of amazing ideas, and you can read the highlights here. To check out all of the submissions, head over to the SubContest page.

MouseDAO SubBanners

Our SubBanner releases did slow down in January, but we still collaborated with MouseDAO to make 63 of these cool banners, featuring some very unique looking mice.

The Chelobricks

Back in December, we announced a partnership with our friends at Unique Network, where they would be giving a Chelobrick to 10 lucky winners that contributed to our crowdloan. These ended up being distributed randomly among all accounts that contributed 5+ KSM.

Additions To Sub.ID

The list of projects and tokens in the Dotsama space continues to expand, and so does Sub.ID. Recently, we have added support for balances from Darwinia, Acala, Moonbeam, and Astar, with more on the way!

Dotsama Spaces & Dotsama News

Previously, our Subsocial app's front page featured two tabs labeled Suggested Posts and Suggested Spaces. The suggested posts were taken from the suggested spaces, which was based on a whitelist we have created, in order to only suggest high quality content.

At the moment, that whitelist only includes spaces centered around Dotsama, so we renamed those tabs to Dotsama News & Dotsama Spaces. If you have a Dotsama focused space that you believe should be whitelisted, please let us know.

Parachain Problems

The Subsocial parachain [hit a snag](https://twitter.com/SubsocialChain/status/1484538468604723202 on January 21st, when our collators ran out of storage and we had to resync with the network. We had to submit a proposal with Kusama's on-chain governance to resolve the issue, which passed and was executed on the 25th, and it's been smooth sailing since. Thank you to everyone that voted Aye on the proposal.

A New Coat Of Paint

We gave the Subsocial website a bit of a makeover last month. Some of the design and content was changed to more accurately reflect what Subsocial is, how it works, and what the future vision for the protocol is.

Searching Within A Space

We have added more functionality to the search function on our web app, allowing you to search within a specific space. Certain spaces, like RMRK's, have lots of posts and it can be difficult to find a specific piece of information, but this change will help with that.

If you are in a space, the search will default to searching within that space, but you can easily search the entire site by removing the space filter.

Moderation On A Censorship Free Platform

While remaining totally censorship free, Subsocial does still enable moderation, as spam and unwanted content are a guarantee on the internet. So, we released a short article last Wednesday detailing the three avenues of moderation that are available on Subsocial.

We recently heard a few birds chirping about tokens soon…

Subsocial's New Block Explorer!

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