Idea Contest Winners

Idea Contest Winners

~65 valid entries came in through the Dawn of the Art Legos idea contest.

The suggestions were graded on four categories:

  • originality: how unique is it versus ideas in Dawn, or across the whole NFT ecosystem?
  • depth: how thought out is the proposal? A sentence is 0. A full example with code and references to the spec is 5.
  • utility: how usable is this in the real world or by "normies"?
  • RMRK value capture: does this help RMRK's token value?

The 5 winners of the Rare eggs are:

SFY: Virtual Museum

SFY, the team behind several epic Art Contest entries and Founder artworks have gone out of their way to put together an interesing PDF idea pitch. You can read the whole thing in this PDF but in a nutshell, a virtual 3D restoration of an archeological site / museum by the people for the people, immortalized in the real world, but also virtually as a set of nested, interactive NFTs.

This is exactly the kind of thing RMRK's system should make possible and we hope to help them bring this into reality during 2021.

Teaser video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXQs3zggjg0

BtcMacroecon: Dog Rescue

User btcmacroecon submitted a whopping 7 ideas. While some didn't really need blockchain at all, one stood out: Dog Rescue NFTs. I'll paraphrase it here, and add some of my own flair on top to round the idea out.

Dog Rescue NFTs are NFTs representing a pup in a shelter you cannot physically adopt, but can take care of remotely - at least financially, until adopted. Even in kill shelters, a pup who's been bought as an NFT is basically having its "rent" paid by the owner, who will also continuously pay "tax" on the NFT covering medical costs and food, and in return get progress photos as additional resources on this NFT. This pup NFT can evolve until adopted, at which point your "mission" as the NFT owner is complete, and you add a saved pup to your collection of digital pets, while the real counterpart is hopefully in a new loving home.

milojkoviclaz: Drag Race

Paraphrasing the suggestion and adding embellishment to round it out:

Car NFTs that are equippable with different wheels, body parts, decals, each with a different rarity level. A track is another NFT which is also a DAO, with tokenholders deciding the duration and type of the race, rules, and more. The whole experience can turned into a prediction market by integrating with something like Zeitgeist. Users could also stake $RMRK on the wins.

I like this one because it takes composability into account properly, but also keeps the utility of $RMRK tokens in mind, which wasn't really the focus of many of the submissions.

Peter.mahne95: Music DAO

Taking the music example from the Dawn post several steps further, Peter suggests collective composition of an entirely new type:

We want to create the first music record label DAO. The way most modern music is made today is by a collaborative effort from creators all around the world which often like to turn on each other once the money & ‘middle men’ come in.

We could aim to create the first decentralized NFT single by letting the DAO vote on which addition to the single is approved. Sample producers would create samples (melodies), drum producers would add drums, song writers record a demo to it, artists record on it etc.

The DAO would vote on which samples are fire or trash. The DAO would be made of musicians only, split into groups based on which creative process they’re part of (sampler, drummer, song writer, artist, mix engineer, graphic designer).

Every time there’s an action required by a DAO member (create or vote) it would be incentivized with DAO token rewards. The DAO would need to be big so we have community effect on everything we do so we could have an ‘official’ roster of only the best musicians that ‘season’.

At the end of the season, new roster is voted. Each applicant for the roster has to meet certain requirements (minimum activity within DAO). The roster could have a salary based on DAO fund and every musician would benefit greatly, as it would be a nice opportunity to prove themselves.

The idea needs fleshing out but is definitely doable and for sure interesting to musicians around the world who want to collaborate in a remote way and share revenue from their globally accessible work.

jondang00: Memorabilia

Again paraphrasing and rounding out with some of my own thoughts.

An upgrade to the NFT-as-event-ticket model, these NFTs could contain special key moments from the performance, additional information, and bonuses as metadata - redeemable vouchers for swag, food, extra content, more tickets. The bonuses could be tradable, but not usable without being equipped by a ticket, so there's a secondary living economy for an event well after the event, kind of like what we're trying to do with Kanaria's flocking.

It's not hard to imagine attending a Lady Gaga concert and then adding value to your ticket after the concert is gone by being the only one with the first publicly released video segment in which she throws up and just keeps going. If the segment is yours and/or carries copyright too, it becomes much more than a Top Shots style NFT of an event and turns into a Big-Media-tradable item as the publishers start vying for the right to include your segment in their news.

Honorable Mentions

These entries didn't make the final cut, but still get an LE each for the effort.

  • A well thought out monster trading card game by user spamking
  • A Kanaria reincarnation game by cryptodmeme
  • Evolvable land deeds by crispskies and Reuse-with-trust (evolvable car pink slips) by hvelayos
  • Digital Barbies, a very comprehensive clone of Kanaria by tsaiminfon
  • A physi-digital collection of upgradeable wearables (Nike collections etc) by melanie050691
  • Asset-backed securities by ngmegan1989
  • Algo filters and composable digital photos by taylortap
  • Nested financial options by yattatt

Thank you all for participating - we truly have the best community! All eggs have now been distributed!

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