Hou-Ou Festival: Weekly Live Event Announcement

Hou-Ou Festival: Weekly Live Event Announcement


Dear Egg Holders, it is my greatest pleasure to announce RMRK's first live event of the Hou-Ou festival: Close and Personal. The event will be held in a new metaverse which we are forming a partnership with.

Further events will be announced every Monday. Stay tuned as we have quite a few giveaways coming up, including an egg hunt!

Event timeline

Entries for participation: open now

Date : 11th of June | 6.30 PM UK time

  • XyloDrone x Bruno interview
  • AMA + Giveaway
  • Networking


3 limited edition eggs are up for grabs. The RMRK team will decide which participants asked the best questions.

How to participate

  • 20 slots are available for the event (due to server restrictions this is the maximum number of participants we can host. We will do our best to open this world to everyone, but please bear with us! However, the event will be live streamed and everyone will be able to watch on Twitch)

  • Submit your application via this form. Slots are allocated on a first come, first serve basis. Anyone can enter but egg holders are prioritised!

  • Participants will be announced as soon as the slots have been allocated. You have until the 10th of June to apply.

We look forward to hosting you!


the best metaverse

the best metaverse

my name is joad and i love the ecosystem. build on it and be history in the future @rmrkapp

Skybreach Land Sale is HERE!

Skybreach Land Sale is HERE!

Skybreach Land Sale is finally here! Patiently waiting for the Kanaria phase … 4 days and counting! I’ll take one of those, and one of those, and one


Skybreach wiki was updated. Information about Land sale was added. Check it out: https://rmrk.gitbook.io/kanaria-skybreach/fundamentals/land/land-sale

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