FAQ: Kucoin and more

FAQ: Kucoin and more

Do I need to complete KYC on both Kucoin and Kanaria?

Only complete KYC on the platform where you are buying the egg. No need to do both.

I came from Kucoin, do I need to buy eggs?

You can buy eggs on Kucoin or on Kanaria.rmrk.app. The Kucoin eggs will have a different hatching requirement and will have a Kucoin-branded child NFT, but otherwise they are the same thing.

How do I hatch my egg?

On Kucoin, wait for their instructions.

On Kanaria, collect 3x 🐣 emotes on your egg (see how) and click the green HATCH button in your Nest UI on Kanaria.rmrk.app.

When will my bird hatch?

Some time around the end of June and in the first half of July.

When is the TGE / Listing / Snapshot?

On July 1st at noon CET we snapshot every egg / bird owner for a token claim balance. If you trade your bird after July 1st, the new buyer will NOT get your tokens. Listing is unknown, TGE is some time in July.

Tokenomics / Price

10 million total supply. No inflation. See token FAQ.

What is a red envelope?

It's a part of Kucoin's campaign, an incentivized referral link which you need to send / recieve to qualify for hatching your egg. Check their post.

Why did I get banned from chat?

You probably posted in a language other than English, or begged for money / eggs / red envelopes, or spammed the channel.

Is there any special advantage to buying eggs on Kucoin vs buying on Kanaria?

See 2).

Will I be able to take RMRK NFTs (eggs) from Kucoin into my own wallet?


Will Kucoin list RMRK? When?

Yes. Not sure. Soon.

What is RMRK / Singular / Kanaria?

Please see our YT channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ9dCwNm2aErxsYxDdm-AtQ - watch all the videos. Then read Dawn.

What was the seed / private sale price of RMRK?

$1.5 to $3 USD, depending on Kusama price on any given day because eggs are priced in KSM and give a fixed amount of tokens. If you don't understand how this is possible, you don't need to worry about it.

FAQ: Kucoin and more


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