Egg DAO Proposal 1: Emoji Requirement Change

Egg DAO Proposal 1: Emoji Requirement Change

Dear community,

given the concerns of the eggholders about having to collect 10 x 🐣 on their eggs for the eggs to hatch, and due to the fact that the Kusama fee reduction has not landed in the Kusama runtime yet, we are opening the floor to a vote for changing the requirements and timeline.

Because we still want an element of gamification involved, i.e. we want people to share their eggs to increase reach, we did not add a "no requirement" option.

Every egg holder with at least one egg will have the following number of votes to cast:

  • Super eggs: 150
  • Founder eggs: 100
  • Rare eggs: 20
  • Limited eggs: 2

Example: if your account contains a Rare and a Founder egg, your vote will automatically be worth 120 points, and you only need to vote once.

Only the balance of eggs on May 5th counts, so if you want to increase your voting power you can buy eggs from other egg holders, or claim some more.

The vote lasts until the end of May 5th, CET time.


These are the possible options. All options also propose moving the emote snapshot deadline to May 31st, just before hatching, which would still let birds hatch on June 1st, but would delay the adding of custom generative art to the 124 select birds (top 25 emoted + first 99 by serial number). This timeline extension gives you more time to collect emotes, and removes some pressure from our artists, so they can draw the birds and we'll add secondary art into the birds in the 2 weeks following the hatching event.

A) Freeze hatchling amount after 10

This prevents the scenario of someone taking back a 🐣 at the last minute, preventing your egg from hatching. The idea is to only track if an egg had more than 10 at any given point, and count that as valid, even if they are all removed. This also makes it possible to have zero-emote eggs.

Pros: removes the danger.

Cons: removes the adrenaline. Still costs a lot if the fees don't drop and is problematic for people with lots of eggs.

B) No change

Each egg MUST have at least 10 🐣 on May 31st, otherwise it's lost. 🐣 can be taken away by givers.

Pros: it's a fun and dangerous game.

Cons: it's expensive to try and overload an egg with these emoji, especially without the Kusama fee reduction implemented. It's also difficult for holders of many eggs in the current UI. Also makes zero-emote (pure) eggs impossible.

C) Have 10 of ANY emote on May 17th

Do not require 🐣 emotes, but count any 10 emotes as valid.

Pros: easier.

Cons: makes zero-emote eggs impossible. Still expensive for large egg holders without the fee drop.

D) Reduce number of 🐣 needed

Reduce the number of hatchlings to 3, meaning 2 friends are all it takes to make your egg viable.

If this option is chosen, the 🐣 you have that go beyond 3 will carry an additional boost (Y) to the probability of all other emotes on the egg.

So instead of 🔥🔥🔥 having just X chance, with 🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣 it would have something like X * (4 * Y%) where Y is yet to be defined as a boost-per-extra-hatchling. Maximum effectiveness of hatchlings would be capped at 10 x 🐣 as originally intended, so 20 x 🐣 would be the same as 10.

Pros: easier.

Cons: might be so easy it's pointless.

How to Vote

To vote, visit Kanaria's DAO UI and click the button for your choice.

You will need to pay ~$1 in KSM to submit your vote to the chain.

The vote is a choice selection. You can change your mind at any time.

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