DotLeap 115 - Astar's wallet innovation

DotLeap 115 - Astar's wallet innovation

Polkadot Updates

🔴 ⭕️ Relay Chain

total supply - ~1.29b DOT | staking - 49.4% | parachains & crowdloans - 10%

  • Polkadot v0.9.39 has been released with MEDIUM upgrade priority.
  • t3rn won the 41st parachain slot auction.

🔴 🏛 Governance

  • Referendum 101, approving a Wasm smart contracts Bounty, has passed.
  • Referendum 105, proposing to upgrade system parachains to runtime 9370, has passed.
  • Referendum 106, proposing to open new HRMP channels between Statemint and HydraDX, Kapex, Ajuna, Pendulum, and Litentry, is currently passing.
  • Referendum 107, proposing to upgrade the Polkadot relay chain runtime to v9370, was passed and executed.
  • Motion 355, to fund Milestone 1 of YieldBay’s DotSama Yield Farming Dashboard, was approved.
  • Motion 356, to top-up the anti-scam bounty, was approved.
  • Motion 357, to fund the development of MULTIX, a simple interface for managing complex multisigs, was approved.
  • Motion 358, to fund India’s first Polkadot conference, was approved.
  • Motion 359, to schedule a new set of parachain auctions on Polkadot in 2023, has been approved by the Council. It will now move to a referendum to be voted by the community.
  • Motion 360, to fund Grabber, a tool for incentivization crowdloan participants, is under consideration.
  • Motion 361, by Polkadot Blockchain Academy to fund an Education Bounty, is under consideration.
  • Motion 362, to register a new genesis WASM for Manta, is under consideration.
  • There is a discussion about modifying nomination parameters on Polkassembly (e.g., increasing minimum nomination pool bond to 500 DOT, increasing minimum direct nomination bond to 200 DOT, and others).

Kusama Updates ₑₓₚₑcₜ cₕₐₒₛ

🦅 ⭕️ Relay Chain

total supply - ~13.32m KSM | staking - 51.3% | parachains & crowdloans - 2%

  • Crowdloan 2262-95 won the 71st parachain slot auction.

🦅 🏛 Governance

  • Referendum 100, proposing a curator group for the Spanish content and event production bounty, has passed.
  • Referendum 101, proposing the Kusama parachain lease auction schedule for the rest of 2023, has passed.
  • Referendum 105, to fund the development of Subledgr, is currently passing.
  • Referendum 107, to fund Imbue to build a freelance marketplace UI, is currently passing.
  • Referendum 108, to establish a bounty for Collators of System Parachains, is currently passing.
  • Referendum 109, to fund Polkadot Safari, a 2-day Polkadot conference in Kenya, is currently passing.
  • Referendum 110, canceling Referendum 106 (and thus the upgrade to Kusama runtime 9380, containing the new XCMv3 logic), has passed and executed.
  • Referendum 111, to fund Subsquid’s infrastructure and maintenance cost, is currently passing.
  • Referendum 114, by Bittsensor with no contextual information, is currently failing.
  • Referendum 115, for Milestone 4 of the Canary Network X Polkadot Network Experience, is up for vote.
  • Referendum 116, to fund the Kusama & Polkadot Prodigy Hackathon, is currently failing.
  • Referendum 117, to fund the dubbing of the SUB0 official playlist into Spanish, is currently failing
  • Referendum 118, to update the Kusama runtime, is currently passing.
  • A request for promotion for a Fellowship member was approved, making Sam Elamin the newest fellow.

⛓ Connected Parachains, dApps, and others

projects connected to the DOT and KSM relay chains

🌎 Community & Ecosystem

🛠 Tools

  • Polkadot-JS Extension v0.45.1 has been released.
  • Polkadot-JS API v10.0.1has been released.
  • State proofs are an important concept for understanding how Polkadot works. For more information on them, see this new article.

🌠 NFT Review

A weekly newsletter keeping up with the evolution of NFTs in the Dotsama ecosystem.

More NFT news

👷‍♂️ Jobs in Web 3.0

Want your ad here? Buy it on Singular.

  • Web3 Foundation is looking for a Technical Educator, Spec Engineer, and Technical Grants Evaluator. Apply here.
  • Interested in working in the Polkadot ecosystem? Check out Dot Jobs.
  • Parity has some technical and non-technical positions open.

That's it for this week - I hope this was as useful for you to read as it was for us to write!

Many thanks to Bill Laboon for his daily digest—which helps us not miss some important updates—and Raul Romanutti for helping us ensure that the governance news is accurate.

DotLeap is put together by Bruno Škvorc and gbaci.

Got any links for Bruno for the next edition? Find Bruno on Riot at @bruno:web3.foundation, on Twitter, or via email at editor@dotleap.com.

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