Dino x Dino and RMRK: Prehistoric Promotion

Dino x Dino and RMRK: Prehistoric Promotion

Starting today, referral codes are once again active on Singular. Sharing these and getting people to buy Dino x Dino eggs gets you a share of the profits and Kanaria rewards.

How They Work

The referral codes attach an additional remark to a purchase, allowing us to scan the chain and see who brought in a user who did certain purchases. These are applied to all purchases, but we'll only be looking at the Dino x Dino purchases for this promotion.

Note: The referral codes stick around in your localstorage, so even if you close the site and visit it without a ref code in the future, you're still referred by the original referrer. This way, we keep track of who was a long-term conversion by someone else.

To get your referral code replace the XXXX part in this URL with your KSM address: https://singular.rmrk.app/?ref=XXXX like so:

  • https://singular.rmrk.app/collections/32b209ecbe2b33dd24-DINOXEGGS/?ref=CpjsLDC1JFyrhm3ftC9Gs4QoyrkHKhZKtK7YqGTRFtTafgp

or so:

  • https://singular.rmrk.app/?ref=CpjsLDC1JFyrhm3ftC9Gs4QoyrkHKhZKtK7YqGTRFtTafgp


By referring people to Singular, you might be qualifying for bonuses in the future as we scan the chain for early adopters.

As part of this particular campaign, however, the Metasafari team has pledged to kick back 5% of each sale made through a referral link to the referrer. This means if someone who used your link to come to Singular buys an egg for 1 KSM, you get 0.05 KSM.

Additionally, RMRK is adding extra rewards on top, along with Metasafari pledging some eggs!

  • everyone who brings in 100 KSM total Dino eggs purchased through their link gets a free random LE bird with items, plus a single Guardian Dino egg of your choice
  • everyone who brings in 500 KSM gets a free random naked rare bird plus two Guardian Dino eggs of your choice
  • everyone who brings in 750 KSM gets a free random rare with items plus three Guardian Dino eggs of your choice
  • those who bring in 1000 KSM and more get a rare of their choice, with items, excluding those with njordsons, plus four Guardian Dino eggs of your choice

The bonuses can stack, so if you bring in 750 you can pick 2 LEs and 1 naked rare and, or you can pick a rare with items. In either case you also get 3 Dino Guardian eggs.

This means bringing in 1000 KSM in volume could get you 50 KSM in commission + a rare of your choice with the rarest items and gems (those have commanded prices up to 100k USD) + 4 Guardian eggs (4 KSM value alone).

The final tally of referrals will be calculated at the end of the Dino x Dino public sale, at which point your KSM will be automatically sent to you and a form will be provided for you to request your birds, if any.

We might put up a leaderboard before the end of the public sale, and additionally reward the top 10 referrers. No promises.

Dino x Dino and RMRK: Prehistoric Promotion


Singular Exclusive: Dino x Dino

Singular Exclusive: Dino x Dino

RMRK is proud to introduce the first external collection launch on Singular: a project by Metasafari, inspired by RMRK's previous success with Kanaria