December 2021 In Review

December 2021 In Review

December was a huge month for Subsocial as we secured a parachain slot! Let's dive right in!

They Say "No Cap" But There Was, In Fact, A Cap

Subsocial became the 4th project to hit the cap on their crowdloan, and the first project to set a cap with a high meme value: 100,420.69 KSM. Because the minimum contribution is .1 KSM, we were only able to reach 100,420.6061 KSM contributed to the crowdloan, but that is good enough, as we won the first auction of this round!

The Parachain Life

Just a few days ago, we released The Parachain Life, an article detailing what the future looks like now that Subsocial has secured a parachain slot. There are no concrete dates, as we never know how long it will take to do things in this cutting edge environment we live in, but it should give you an idea of the steps needed until Subsocial is fully operational.

What Do We Mean By 2 Chains?

We wanted to make sure that it is crystal clear, so we put out this write-up a few days before Christmas, explaining in more detail why there will be two Subsocial chains, and what that will look like.

The End Of The Spacers Program

Our shotgun approach ambassador program, known as The Spacers Program, ended on December 27th. You can read more about that here. We are still determining what the future of the ambassador program will look like.

Kintsugi and Acala Details, and Karura NFTs on Sub.ID

If you got tired of having to crawl through the depths of the Polkadot.js app to find your $KINT balance, we've got you covered, because you can now see it on Sub.ID! Detailed balance information for Acala was also added. It took a while, but we have finally added Sub.ID support for Karura NFTs. Word on the street is there will be a lot more action with those happening soon..

You Get A Banner, And You Get A Banner, And You Get A Banner!

Banners for the holidays, who knew?

Our art team has been quite busy the last few weeks, working on an assortment of sweet banners. We had a few varieties that were given to all contributors to each of our crowdloans, as well as a limited number of some different banners that were listed for sale on Singular. At the moment, all of these banners have no utility beyond looking pretty on your Singular page, though we plan to add banners to Subsocial soon, and who knows, we may come up with more utility for them.

Here are the banners for contributors to our first crowdloan and second crowdloan. We also created some Why Not On Subsocial banners with The Joker, as well as some banners commemorating The Spacers Program. To easily see all of the types of banners in each of these collections, set the "Listed for sale" dropdown to "Not for sale" and check the "Hide copies" box.

We are working alongside the RMRK team to kickstart the banner economy, and have more banners cooking in the kitchen right now.

Our Economics Advisor: Samuel Häfner

Last month we continued our series from November of interviewing some of our advisors, ending with Samuel Häfner, a research economist at the Web 3 Foundation.

SER, Have ya' Heard?

Alex and Yung Beef talked with the excellent Jay Chrawnna on his weekday show of Dotsama alpha, SER, Have ya' Heard? Thanks for having us on, Jay!

PoCoCo Twitter Space

The Polkaswap Community Collective page, PoCoCo, had Alex and Yung Beef on, along with Bruno from RMRK and Makoto from Sora, to talk about the life of the individual in the interoperable future. The recording is available here.

We have lots of exciting stuff in the works that we can't wait to reveal when the time is right, and we think you're going to love it just as much as we do. Here's to 2022!

Subsocial's New Block Explorer!

Yung Beef 4.2

April 2024 In Review

April 2024 In Review

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