Contest Winners: Art Contest, Raffle, RMRK Picks and more

Contest Winners: Art Contest, Raffle, RMRK Picks and more

Dear Eggdopters and art contest participants, the time is finally upon us. It has been a long journey getting to this point and so it's with great joy that we announce all the winners. To recap, here are all the winners we will be announcing in this post :

  • Art contest winners - the 40 birds chosen via the decentralized polling process.
  • Additinal art contest winners - the 10 additional birds chosen by the RMRK team.
  • Random NFT winners - the 10 addresses that will be getting the additional winners NFTs minted from RMRK on Singular.
  • Raffle draw - the 1 voter that will get 5% of the total voting reward pool.

Without further ado, let's begin with the first 40 birds.

Art Contest Winners:

A big congratulations to all the Art Contest winners!

| Egg #8882 1M970B | Egg #3737 NUYBKB | Egg #1925 BUOLCJ | Egg #8889 UWICPZ | | -------- | -------- | -------- |-------- | | Egg #3167 W8VHWD | Egg #3223 DOS76I | Egg #5115 DLI2I3 | Egg #3687 26X04H | | Egg #8000 IBACJ6 | Egg #3993 G0T0HD | Egg #8885 AIQXQ6 | Egg #5991 TTBS2R | | Egg #0550 J4FPMV | Egg #2140 3KSV9Q | Egg #2189 401KWE | Egg #7666 Z52HHW | | Egg #6015 91KDHY | Egg #0841 FI1189 | Egg #6668 3I9MYC | Egg #5666 J2FVMU | | Egg #3338 K2AI4Z | Egg #1926 O4DTL4 | Egg #6663 0ZQ15D | Egg #2045 UMAQ7C | | Egg #9961 VRX3Z6 | Egg #1542 0YQD9Z | Egg #1917 4L5ZMP | Egg #2158 LYEMNQ | | Egg #7775 X9FF7B | Egg #2065 KJ6856 | Egg #1540 Y0482C | Egg #2166 FFAL27 | | Egg #3122 APAFGW | Egg #0190 KPC6QZ | Egg #0404 QEBKZ9 | Egg #5557 267ITK | | Egg #2178 QU2RJ2 | Egg #8788 L04P0G | Egg #2177 WFCS0N | Egg #3434 SQLPL6 |

The 10 Additional Winners

The RMRK team hand-picked our favorite 10 runners-up. We implemented a voting mechanism that made sure that decisions of team members were not influenced by other team members. We had two polls for this and here are the results.

|Votes|||| |-|-|-|-| |7/9|UTH8W4||| |6/9|Z2HDPX|UPKX56|C3S0RI| |5/9|E5XPE1||| |4/9|QMC0V5|M7UTD6|406X8L| |3/9|SI9HCD|QVFF2T||

NOTE: RMRK will be purchasing these artworks at $200 in KSM. No other form of payment is available for runners-up.

Random NFT winners

For those who have been following this process closely, this section may come as a suprise for you. Well, we decided to give away the 10 additional winners NFTs above in a limited collection to 10 random addresses of voters! It's our way of saying thank you and spreading the rewards to more people.

|| Randomly Selected Winners | |-------|-------| |1|CsD72ZMpaoYsBVkSWNUBhAyZRsxYkjff7moXJssoKK4wooP| |2|E8TZHK4uTudw7UdB3p2cZq2u7S9ugPd322RYBCkjyZqNV8N| |3|GS3F6w6FXLeyqzfWRyQ5LGtq3bW5DfXANegutaZSiHXjvK8| |4|EkntPBZ9cayLZZWW54B16RnKBMbM5RCFVuDWncfBX7RaeYN| |5|FyYb6dUsGMuXXHtMcaCYRw7eL4pSYkTvAPDkzprPY4Apuom| |6|D6TEqRXXV2gjGAhiMhEGJVQJNoSPeVifJ9mqQm7ApEeFndV| |7|GXW8PiLizGNwUNTcWomWm9K435qJ7Hdq6DwGUmUdcCDJx3S| |8|EUU4cb2uLxZv6idyK3561AYv55ovoG6jCfHiv4CjapU9tie| |9|Gw2P9r18p9NTru1EPo6kompYHhdV1vANBQqPjVK5tyguYNs| |10|ESvc7sfsCvaqh2f8EfrFarYQ11JH5mo2VFGYdwzoBcxiGs3|

The Raffle Winner

This is probably the one you guys are most excited for. The big raffle winner. To ensure complete randomness, we used random.org to execute the raffle draw.

|| Randomly Selected Winner | |-------|-------| |1|FegWWJq7AWgkYguRAd796uvNVYburnURpBz7wZ9kf5EoyZ5|

Claiming Prizes

Art Contest winners may claim their prizes in Fiat or KSM. All other winners may claim their prizes in KSM.

  • USD (Fiat) - Payment will take up to 2 weeks from the time the form is completed and can be done via Bank Transfer or Paypal. If you want to recieve in fiat, then fill this form. It is important to note that when using fiat, all transaction fees will be taken from your end. You have the next 72 hours from posting to claim fiat or you will default to KSM.

  • KSM - Payment will take up to 5 days. Due to the ease of use (quick transaction time, no restrictions, and low fees), we strongly recommend choosing this payment method.

NOTE: To claim in fiat, you'll need to cryptographically sign your message. To learn how to do that, see this article.

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