Behind the NFT: Evrloot

Behind the NFT: Evrloot

The sound of bells ringing near the dock woke me from sleep. Remarkably, I was not hungover. It was one of those nights where you barely remember your head hitting the pillow – and in fact it hit the floor - hard. At least that’s what my throbbing head was telling me. I remember the pub, where I met new friends eager for some trip of glory to the Dunes of Trakan. Wherever the hell that was. I had heard of the Island of Lashun, but only in passing. Apparently the Dunes are East of it. These fools, always jumping on the next ship not knowing where they are going. The rest of the night was pretty foggy…

Then I remembered

I left the rowdy table to hit the bar for another drink and sat down next to a member of the ship’s crew – Deckard. We talked for what seemed like hours about the stories of his past and the hopes of his future all with the tide of Evrloot.


Evrloot is a classic RPG themed NFT project laser focused on classes, lore, and equippable gear. The team has goals of integrating with other NFT projects and metaverses in the future such as Skybreach and Exosama, but they are determined to build out their base with clear goals in mind.

  • Build out the character classes

  • Develop intricate and engaging lore

  • Making quality equippable gear; specifically headgear, body gear and weapons

They have thrown around many other ideas and have teased a few integrations such as physical loot sent to your home; this would be of the highest rarity

The main source of inspiration for these types of items stems from the Diablo series – the dark fantasy-based RPG created by Blizzard Entertainment. They want to assure that they are original, and they will absolutely be this, but make it clear that this vibe is their aim. A dark, fantasy, loot-based RPG with an interactive map that engages with your NFT. Aiming to launch with RMRK 2.0, they will take advantage of the most advanced NFT standard in the world by having loot chests at the center of the RPG. As of now, they aim to have three levels of rarity to the NFTs from each chest

Common (80% chance) – white/grey

Rare (15% chance) – blue

Legendary (5% chance) – gold

Each chest will have the same chance no matter the level or rarity of character. They aim to make this as fair as possible to even the playing field and keep entry low for new participants. I hope this ethos sticks with the project as keeping entry low helps engage new members as well as newbies to the ecosystem in general. I mean, come on, check out these headgear options

The level of detail in the art goes even deeper – and it gets even better. Their art director, video and sound engineer, Hoff, helps curate some amazing works. If it’s any indication of the quality of the future character NFTs, I’d keep my eyes peeled. In fact, check out the details of the cover art for the second “act” in the story of Evrloot.

Act 1: Dunes of Trakan - Desert theme

Act 2: Jungle of Ilya - You guessed it


These acts will be accompanied with intricate and engaging lore penned from the mind of Elen Smith. She has been described as relentless and aims to “create lore that will outlast us all.” To get a taste of the upcoming lore check out this sneak peak from the team:

As the captain notices the crowd approaching, he stands up and addresses the crowd. Everyone who will put hands on the chest, will lose the same. We might be tired, but we will defend it to our last breath. What we can give you though, is a better outlook. We sailed eastwards and missed the Island of Lashun. Not noticing, we kept on for days, thinking the storm set us on the wrong path. Finally we reached unknown territory. A new land. A land, where every man can earn his weight in silver. We were 100 when we took off. It’s us shady dozen returning. The rest has been consumed by something, that took power over them. We fled as fast as we could. That was two weeks ago.”

A young kid, seemingly poor steps forward from the crowd.

“What will happen to the ship now? Will you pay town peer fee?“

"Kid. We will never look back again. Take the ship," he shouts and then points at the crowd, "It’s yours now.”

If you aren’t convinced yet, the level of engagement with the community is impressive. For most NFT projects, it is difficult to keep the community engaged, but they have taken a different approach. Take their whitelist strategy as an example. It reminds me of Tricky NFT where riddles and engagement mean more than retweets or tags. For the first whitelist challenge, the first to answer the question of where the ship was sailing got a spot on the ship aka whitelisted. The question was posed in discord and the answer was in their location on their Twitter. They have hosted a raffle, rewarded those who engaged in lore, and even gave spots to those who consistently react to polls and lurk. They seem to understand what it’s like to be on the other side of the project and are engaging with the community in kind. In fact checkout this quote from the team:

When sales open, we will airdrop the 100 people on this list that are unique chest buyers, a special item for Act I. The number of chests bought can upgrade the item rarity - but not linearly to be fair towards the small kid that can't afford 5 boxes of evrloot. The item for the crew of the #firstship will be unique forever.

Despite launching ealier than they planned because of community desire, they already have more information out there than most projects. Safe to say there is promise in the future of this NFT project

Pnin and I had a significant interest in the project at nearly the same time. He has a knack for asking tough questions and compiled a few of them in a separate article - I may have thrown a few questions in there myself. Check out the complete interview with Deckard, co-founder of the project, here.


  • Follow Evrloot on Twitter
  • Check out their incredible Website
  • Jump in their Discord and find out how to get whitelisted

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