Behind the NFT: Alien Ant Pharm

Behind the NFT: Alien Ant Pharm

On November 4th, 2021, the world paused for just a moment. It was quiet as could be as down from the heavens landed a conglomerate of extraterrestrials from the Kusama Galaxy birthed from the mind of Sango Xango and his wife. Here is an outline of these 7 tribes and their rarity based on scarcity.

  • The Architects (225 total)
  • The Messengers (195 total)
  • The Foundry (175 total)
  • The Demagogues (125 total)
  • The Colony (111 total)
  • The Empire (100 total)
  • And the fabled Legends of Kaos (69 total)

An alien from The Empire tribe of which only 100 are planned to be minted

These categories all have distinct features that set them apart and align them within their tribe. Interestingly though, each NFT is hand crafted with no generative coding to produce variety in the art. This highlights the uniqueness of each piece of art, making each piece essentially a 1/1 despite being within a specific tribe (messenger, foundry, etc). Within each tribe there are unicorns which Sango describes as true 1/1s due to the fact that despite being within a certain tribe the NFT will not have the typical features most other messengers have within that tribe – these are special editions or Legendary Aliens. With the focus on hand crafted pieces, Sango feels this helps both push their creativity and challenges him and his wife to create unique pieces with every drop.

Legend of Kaos

An exciting feature for many collectors of AAP is the goal of collecting a Legend of Kaos alien. To obtain one of these you must collective 2 of each class or substitute 1 for 2 of the class preceding. For example, you need 2 messengers but only have one. You can make up for the other messenger by collecting 2 architects. Once you have completed this collection – dubbed your fleet – you can redeem your Legend of Kaos! The Legend of Kaos alien will give you the following perks, besides having creative control over the NFT’s creation.

A starship NFT, a special fleet NFT showing each member of your fleet, along with your fleet number, as well as gain free access to our next (unrelated) project launching in the next few months that will contain staking rewards for owners via rewards airdrop. You will receive an entry voucher NFT for this upcoming experiment. There will also be more perks for StarFleet owners announced as we continue to roll out the project and as we get more details finalized in the coming weeks ahead. There is much more planned, so please stay tuned!! Godspeed and good luck, Aliens!

Not only do you get a custom work of art, you receive numerous bonuses within the AAP community as outlined above. Legend of Kaos is extremely coveted, and only one holder has collected enough to achieve this goal so far.

Museum of History

Museum of History number 1; an Architect

Another exciting feature is an innovative economic incentive model called the “Museums of History”. Sango created a revenue sharing model based of NFT ownership. Each Museum of History (will essentially act as a Super Founder) will grant the owner of the NFT a share of profit of first hand sells of all AAP NFTs. As the 100th AAP was sold, the architect was auctioned off for purchase. This model will continue until all Museums are sold. The structure is as follows

1st Museum of History - Architect - 5% Rev Share until second released

2nd Museum of History - Messenger - 5% Rev Share each until third released

3rd Museum of History - Foundry - 4% Rev Share among each Gem

4th Museum of History - Demagogue - 3% Rev Share among each Gem

5th Museum of History - Colony - 2.4% Rev Share among each Gem

6th Museum of History - Empire - 2% Rev Share among each Gem

Simply, as more Museums are sold, the total revenue share split between these holders increases. Once the second is sold – 10% is split between the two holders. When the third is sold 14% is spread between the three holders; and so on. Sango mentions he is willing to up the revenue share to benefit the holders of the last few Museums a bit more than originally planned. He’s even thought keeping the share level at 5% for each museum is reasonable too. Like most great artist in this space he is very responsive to community so open to sharing in the wealth as much as is feasible. Sango also has many things in store to create a robust community around his NFTs. He has deep ties to many artists in the space and frequently collaborates on special edition NFTs he auctions off via AAP twitter

From the Founder

Sango was kind enough to take time and answer some questions about his project. He mentions some pretty incredible alpha at the end about integrations with RMRK 2.0.

1. What brought you to the NFT space?

I had dabbled into NFT’s only briefly in the past, and wish I’d have taken more chances earlier on, as I spotted some projects that have since done extremely well, but never fully got involved and took the chance. Was quite the mistake, looking back! But I didn’t truly get into NFT’s until I discovered Singular, and also once I realized just how big and how crucial a role NFT’s would play not only now, but also going forward in people’s lives. Once I had this realization and revelation, and also discovered how amazing both Singular and Kusama both were, and how great, supportive and talented the community is here, that’s when I became more involved in the NFT community.

2. Tell me a little bit about your inspiration for AAP, your art is very distinct. Anything specific spark your style?

My wife is the artistic talent behind the AAP series, and she now is able to do this full-time. That has always been a dream of hers, so she has really been enjoying it, and loving the ability to be able to create something new and something special each day. I think people don’t often realize how much work goes into creating a series, especially when it is not autogen, but she loves the creative control that it gives her, and we both love being able to come up with something new at any time. Anything that comes to your mind, you are able to then add to the series, which is a lot of fun and gives you more freedom and ability to add new wrinkles at any moment! In the past she would at times publish things on redbubble and etsy, but only as a hobby. She can now pursue this with her full focus, and I help by running the day to day aspects of the series, the gamification, backstory, and community building and outreach responsibilities. We both come up with the themes and ideas together, which is also a lot of fun to be able to do this with her. It allows us to put part of our sense of humor and personality into each piece.

3. What are some of your favorite pieces that you’ve created?

We absolutely love each and every one of the AAP series that we’ve created, but my wife’s favorite thus far was the first Empire. She absolutely loves how that one turned out, and she loved making the jewels and the necklace on it. If I had to pick only one, my favorite may be the wine em, dine em #69 Messenger :D I’ll let you guess as to which one of us came up with that one!

4. What else, besides art, do you enjoy doing?

We are both dog lovers, and have two sweet dogs of our own. We love spending time with them and spoiling them rotten, spending time with our friends and family, and watching Sci-Fi and horror movies.

5. What is the most exciting thing about your vision for AAP?

The most exciting thing about our vision for the AAP series is all about supporting those who support us. Everything we do not only now, but into the future will focus and revolve around this. We always want to deliver value and excitement for our collectors. This series will in essence serve as our OG series and our genesis series for everything that will come afterwards beyond Alien Ant Pharm. Anyone who is here with us, or that will join us in this series, will always get first priority in anything that we create going forward. This will in essence serve as not only our genesis series, but also as an access pass for everything that we create going forward. The core community that we will build everything that we do around, and with. The most enjoyable aspect is always trying new ways to add value to those most important to your vision and your goals. Our goals will always be to respect and support those who have done so for us, and will help drive us forward in all our future endeavors and series.

6. Any last thoughts? (Or any alpha?)

We are very thankful and grateful to be here with you all in this journey, and are so very bullish for our space and our community. We have some great things planned not only for AAP, but also for our upcoming series when RMRK 2.0 pallets have been rolled out. Without giving away too much, we have plans for a series that will incorporate a marketplace, sockets, items, and equippables that will take full advantage of the art legos / parent-child NFT’s that RMRK 2.0 makes possible. We also have some really inventive ideas on a multi-faceted rev share model that we have as of yet not seen anyone else do in another NFT series, that will tie into the equippable aspects of the upcoming series. It should be a lot of fun, and will allow the community to control how active or passive they would like to be in the overall strategy that they choose to employ! It’s all so very exciting, and we believe that RMRK 2.0 will make so many new things and ideas possible when it comes to NFT’s and what they are able to do and are able to become. And as always, our community will come first. Anyone who has chosen to take this ride with us on our Genesis series will be rewarded for their love and support every step of the way in our maiden voyage into this new revolution in NFT’s! And it all will tie back into AAP and those who have been with us along the way, and have helped to make this all possible. Much love to each and every one of you, we hope that you all have a wonderful 2022! ~AAP

In the end, Sango is a truly considerate person with a passion for this space, a head for community, and some incredible talent. Pretty cool to see him and his wife collaborating on a project with such good execution, vision and creativity. What's even greater is the opportunity NFT projects have given people to expand on their passions and develop the best parts of themselves. I admire their work! As his project evolves I’ll be very interested to see how it takes shape. Keep your eyes peeled friends, this could be a good one.




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Behind the NFT: Alien Ant Pharm