August 2023 In Review

August 2023 In Review

August was an exciting month, as a Polkadot treasury proposal was launched to fund a project using Subsocial, and we provided some more insight on when token transfers will be enabled! Let’s dive in.


The month started with DappForce posting an OpenComm proposal for discussion on Polkassembly. After answering feedback and questions, the actual proposal was launched on-chain, asking for 27,259 DOT to fund the development of Polkadot’s Open Communication Layer, built on Subsocial.

Community Creation On Grill.chat

Anyone can now create their own community on Grill.chat in seconds, and manage it as a moderator. With the upcoming release of Creator Staking, you can now create and benefit from your own communities on Grill.chat!

SUB Token Transfers

On the 14th, we put out a short update on the status of token transfers. We anticipate transfers will be enabled soon, pending the opening of an HRMP channel with Moonbeam (which has since been opened successfully), and the release of Creator Staking.

HRMP Channel With Moonbeam

With Moonbeam’s migration to OpenGov completed, we submitted Moonbeam Referenda #3 to open an HRMP channel with Subsocial and register xcSUB. This proposal passed successfully, and the channel has been opened, meaning that once token transfers are enabled, token holders will be able to move their SUB to the Moonbeam network for use in various applications.

Creator Staking

On the 22nd, we published a thread overviewing how many Web3 social projects fail to properly align incentives, stifling network growth, and how Creator Staking works to ensure all network participants are aligned towards growing the network in the best way possible.

Token-Centric View On Sub.ID

As part of our continued development of Sub.ID, a token-centric view was added, ensuring that you never lose track of your tokens again! This new view displays each individual token, with a dropdown showing you what chains you have that token on.

Polkapals Quest II

Subsocial has joined PolkaPals to team up with 16 other teams in the Polkadot ecosystem, aiming to help users discover the teams building in the ecosystem. All 17 teams have created quests on AirLyft where users can be rewarded for completing tasks.

Blockchain Insider Podcast

Subsocial team member Yung Beef was featured on the Blockchain Insider Podcast, where they had an awesome discussion around AI and Web3 social.

Polkadot Community Call

Our team was invited to present on August’s Polkadot Community Call, where Yung Beef talked some more about Creator Staking and enabling token transfers.

Embeds On Grill.chat

Grill.chat will now embed link previews! This means you can watch YouTube videos directly in chats. Links from X, Instagram, and TikTok will also display the content being linked, and for every other website, you will see a preview of the website, as usual.

Dotfinder.xyz Integrates Grill.chat

Our Grill widget now has another integration with Dotfinder.xyz, one of the best places to find any information in the Polkadot ecosystem!

While we are not going to give exact timelines for the release of Creator Staking, the code is in review and the UI is currently being built. We expect it will be out in the next few weeks, and can’t wait to see how it performs in the wild. In the meantime, we’ll see you on-chain!

Subsocial's New Block Explorer!

Yung Beef 4.2

April 2024 In Review

April 2024 In Review

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Yung Beef 4.2

Show Yourself: Display Your Best Grill Content!

Show Yourself: Display Your Best Grill Content!

If you are a creator on Grill, and want some more eyeballs, look no further than the new Show Yourself chat! This chat is a way for less visible crea

Yung Beef 4.2

Introducing OpenGov On Grill: The Final Step Of OpenComm

Introducing OpenGov On Grill: The Final Step Of OpenComm

Governance proposals on Polkadot can now be viewed and discussed on Grill’s OpenGov page! Polkadot’s Open Communication Layer, built on Subsocial, ha

Yung Beef 4.2