August 2021 In Review

August 2021 In Review

Yet another busy month here at Subsocial! We have been hard at work over here, and lots of exciting stuff has happened.

Team Growth

Our team has grown quite a bit this month! We have grown from a team of four to a team of seven. Joining us we have Zachary a.k.a. Yung Beef, working on marketing and community, Tarek, building our new mobile app, and Vitalii, our UX designer. It is a pleasure to have these guys on the team and we are looking forward to working with them!


On August 13th, we unveiled Sub.ID, the one stop shop for all of your Substrate accounts and balances. Since then, Vlad S. has expanded upon it, adding four more chains and detailed balance information for Karura. Work on Sub.ID will continue as we integrate more Substrate based blockchains, plus additional in-development features.

If you would like to read more about Sub.ID, please check the announcement we put out about it. We hope that you continue to find value by using Sub.ID!

Treasury Proposal Posts

Vlad S. has also been working on building functionality that integrates Kusama treasury proposals with posts on Polkaverse. We see this as an upgrade over Polkassembly, which is siloed from our social networks, and is mainly used just for treasury/governance communications. Migrating these discussions onto Polkaverse enables them to be integrated into the everyday discussions surrounding the ecosystem as a whole, and will make them more readily available and easy to find.


Oleh has been building out our Substrate pallet designed for tipping functionality, and implementing it in our user interface. This will make it super easy to tip others on Subsocial if you like their content. Tips will go directly from your wallet to theirs, with no one taking a cut.

While this will be the first monetization method implemented, it is far from the last, as we have multiple other avenues planned for development.

Mobile App

Tarek has been working on our up and coming mobile app, Dotsama News.

While building our mobile app for Subsocial, we initially built a read-only version that allows you to see posts and comments on Subsocial, but not interact with the platform. Though this was originally just a milestone on the way to a fully functional Subsocial app, we decided to add a little more work and create a functional product out of it. Dotsama News will launch cross-platform, assuming we have no issues with app stores.

Dotsama News curates the content on Subsocial in such a way that it only shows news relevant to the Dotsama ecosystem. We know how much content there is on Twitter to wade through in order to find the important nuggets, which is why Dotsama News will be so helpful. If you are interested, you can help us by asking your favorite projects to begin posting on Subsocial, if they do not already. We reserved spaces for every project in the ecosystem, which can be claimed here.

In future versions of the app, we will enable full functionality, so that you can truly use Subsocial from your phone. Additionally, the app will handle signing transactions, so you will not have to sign a transaction any time you perform an action. Can you say smooooth?


Vlad P. has been working on getting us ready to begin onboarding validators to decentralize the network ahead of our mainnet launch (we are currently running a pre-mainnet in parallel to our betanet)! We will soon begin accepting applications for validators, so if that interests you, keep an ear open for an announcement.

The Spacers Program

A few weeks ago we initially launched The Spacers Program, our version of an ambassador program. Zachary has onboarded some excellent Spacers so far, and is in the process of collaborating with them to revamp the entire program. Stay tuned for that, it will be legendary.

Subsocial Fiesta

In the spirit of decentralization, we have launched the #SubsocialFiesta, a decentralized marketing campaign. The purpose of the Fiesta is to spread the word about Subsocial far beyond the reaches of our community, via articles, videos, and memes. Participation is, of course, rewarded. To learn more, check out the announcement here.

Relay Chain Podcast

Parity's Relay Chain podcast recently invited our founder, Alex, onto the show, along with Zachary, to discuss all things Subsocial. They covered some very interesting topics, and the podcast will be available soon.

Just Another Day In The Home Office

It's been hectic around here with so much going on, but we love what we do. All of this work is dedicated to building a true Web 3.0 ecosystem for the next generation of social networks, so that we can create content, earn the full value of it, and socialize online with true freedom.

We have loads of exciting stuff in the pipeline - to keep up to date, follow us on Twitter and Subsocial, and join our Discord and Telegram groups.

Thank you for your support,

The Subsocial Team

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